Monday, 31 July 2017


Hi guys,

have you ever felt like your daily tooth care routine, while using toothpaste, mouth wash (daily or at least weekly) and dental floss (daily), isn't a 100% teeth protection against plaque and bacteria?!

Ringana created a tooth oil*, which helps to bind the bad bacteria inside of your oral cavity, while oil pulling.

Since almost 2 years I've been using most of the time natural (fluoride free) tooth pastes, I use regular dental floss (non natural and yeah it contains, unfortunately, quite often fluoride) and mouthwash (most of the time natural with tea tree or other anti-bacterial ingredients). But due to, that I'm a Vegetarian who's drinking quite a lot of tea and coffee - my teeth tends to get sometimes slightly the unpleasant yellow shade. Most of the time this problem is solved by my natural toothpaste, but I'm thinking about more protection against acids and a higher protection of the dental strength.

You can also replace your toothpaste with Ringana's tooth oil*, while high-end herbal extracts like: 

mint oil, javan yellow, anise oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil

protects your teeth against dental caries, periodontosis and bad breath, the polish cleanses your teeth in a very mild way.

 Ringana Tooth Oil* - 12.99 € / 125 ml

I've to tell, that it was a bit strange to start oil pulling, as I've never done it before! And also the scent has quite turned me off the first time, as it is quite a bit strong, but after 2-3 times of pulling I get used to it (as mint and all other natural herbal ingredients aren't really smelling bad, it's just a bit more concentrated) 

As I'm currently drinking also much more sparkling water and herbal tea I've not seen any difference of the teeth whitening result until yet, but I'm sure I'll see it after using it a bit longer (as I've started to use it 4 days ago).

For more informations check out Ringana homepage, where you'll find more informations about this product as well as about other natural body care/facial care products.


Sunday, 30 July 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently browsing through our past vacation in Aix En Provence (back in May, gosh how the time flew by:)) and according to, that I've promised you guys further posts back in May here. I though to show you further pictures, which just let me feel "vacation sick" again, as I'd like to stay there for another week or two (or a month hahahaha:)):

All these small cute streets beside the main streets, filled with sweet private boutique shops with local and handmade products. The moment, when you aren't in a shopping mall, it's not loud and you're not with a huge crowd - you feel like back in a time, where the world has been more calm, simple and beautiful - that's the place, where inspirations come.

The salty breeze from the French Riviera, tasty Crepes filled with chestnut cream and topped with fresh fruits or fresh coconut ice cream milkshake, which I drank while I was looking on such beautiful palms - that's called "Bonnes Vacances"!:)

If you're planning a trip to Aix En Provence or to see Cote - here are some helpful links, which I'd recommend you to check out:



Hi guys,

recently I've been taking more and more a shower instead of a bath. It's mainly due to, that I've not so much time, after spending my day out, to enjoy the sun, or on the road (while visiting new or well known places:)) and also because it's simply very hot right now!:)

Nivea "Favorite Showergel - Flower Magic" (Limited Edition)* - 1.79 €

During the last two weeks I've been using up most of my shower gels (well most of the bottles where already half  used up) as well I've almost run out of that very delicate shower gel from Nivea called "Flower Magic"*.

Due to its creamy texture it covers your whole body into a rich foam while taking a shower or a medium foam bath. As the almond milk and Hydra IQ calms down and stimulates already irritated skin types, it can be used for very dry, sensitive and irritated skin. I've usually normal skin, but I tend to get sensitive skin parts, mainly on my legs (mostly while shaving) or hands (including arms) and honestly I've not recognized any difference, so it doesn't burn or leaves my skin irritated - most of the time my skin felt softer than before, but I need to mention, that I also apply body lotion or any body butter or cream after taking a shower or bath. As without any after care my skin would get totally dry no matter which shower gel I'd use - I've to keep my body skin always moisturized to prevend dry skin or aging.


It has a very fresh flower scent, which is perfect as I prefer flower and powdery scents while Spring/Summer months and as it has a very high-end scent not that artifical cheap rose scent (if you know what I mean, with cheap flower scents) it is also definitely a favorite of mine at the moment!:)


Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Hi guys,

I've already shown you the two latest Limited Edition #Chromat lipsticks* by MAC (here) and a tutorial, where I've used the MAC "#Shockvalue" #Chromat lipstick* as well as the "Eye Shadow X 6 / Chromat palette"* (here). Today I'd love to show you how beautiful pigmented and bright the eye shadows are:

All 6 shades are long lasting, high pigmented (which means, that you need just a tiny bit of it. Honestly - this palette lasts you for ages!) and super blendable, as I've blended the metallic dark blue shade with the bright blue one and it creates a lovely unique ocean color!:)

Most of all I'm using the orange eye shadow in combination with bronze cream eye shadow or brown eyeshadow - to create a specific bright warm tone on my upper eyelids, which even brights up my blue eyes. Or I go for the chromatic beige/grey eyeshadows, which are perfect, while creating an office look in combination with a bright red lipstick like the "Augmented Reality" lipstick*

All in all I quite like the palette, even if I'm not using it daily, as the shades are too bright and shiny for my regular makeup looks. I would still miss it in my my makeup collection for special occassions like: themed parties or Halloween!:)

Have you tried a product or even this palette from MAC's #Chromat collection?! What do you think about the pigmentation as well as the shades?! What's your fav' color?!


Monday, 24 July 2017


Hi guys,

squares, stripes and dots, all are quite old-fashion and up to date. Honestly they are all timeless, stripes will stay and become modern in each decade as well as squares and dots, we just love them like our grand-grand-grand parents have loved them and they will be loved by our future family members too. So it's simply always a good idea to wear them as well as for example to drink out of these cute  4 golden dot mugs from Tchibo:

Tchibo 4 golden dot mug set* - 19.99 € (available now in all Tchibo shops and online until 31.7.17)

The mugs have the perfect size for a cup of fresh brewed espresso, small cocoa / hot chocolate with a huge mountain of cream on the top....

....or a latte, which I've pimped up with some milk foam , white choc' hearts and some golden sprinkles - they totally match the golden dots!:)

One of the most important things at all, while buying new mugs, bowls, dishes and other kitchen tools today, is that they are dishwasher safe!:) Honestly, as I haven't a dishwasher yet, I couldn't test it out, but I'm sure it will stay safe:) Tchibo sells good quality fine china products, that's what I could recognize by time, after using some of Tchibo's porcelain in the past (from their past collections) and they all look, even after using them since almost 3-4 years, quite new!

So I'm looking forward to see, how long these 4 cute golden dot mugs* will last & you guys let me know, what you think about this mug set from the latest Tchibo "dots collection". 

If you like it, hurry up, as I'm sure it won't last long in the shelves:)!


Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hi guys,

I've tried a mio. (well maybe not a mio. but a lot) different anti-transpirants and they were gentle to my skin, they haven't caused skin irritations but some of them had no perfume, some have been fragranced but had the typical artificial scent, some had even the scent like car trees (I'm allergic to car trees!). It's quite hard to find the right anti-transpirant in the jungle of different types of deodorants and scents. That's why I still switch beside 2 types (spray and roll-on), usually I do prefer flower or powder-ish scents and honestly I've always prefered limited editions.

NIVEA "Flower Time"* anti-transpirant - 1.99€

I know, I know.... Limited Edition means limited time - means not available forever, simply said they are available just for a certain time. But maybe that's what makes it so special to me, it gives me really the needed pamper while having a long day at work or while I'm giving myself an extra time during pampering. It also gives you an idea as well as the brand itself - which scents the consumer (we) prefer and which we don't or really hate (like the scent of car tree air fresheners).

Nivea created beside the fruity "Hello Sunshine" and the fresh "Fresh Me Up" limited edition anti-transpirants a 3rd limited edition deodorant called "Flower Time!"*. It has a delighful scent, which reminds me on fresh cut flower bouquets, not the typical artificial flower scent like most anti-transpirants have and in fact it reminds me beside flowers on an high-end perfume (won't mention it). I've even worn it one day without applying my fav' perfume, and I've not felt "naked" without applying it!


After I've tried, already quite a lot of different Nivea deodorants in the past, out (my absolute favorite has been so far: 48h stress protect roll-on) I can just say, that their long-lasting anti-sweat 48h formula is incredible! But I've missed a scent like "Flower Time!"* as most of their scented deodorants have been fresh or fruity. Nivea finally created an high-end flower scent, which (I'm sure:)) some of you will totally fell in love with and will cry after it will be gone from the shelves. Limited Editions .... well sometimes it's quite a shame, that they aren't available for decades!:)


Thursday, 20 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've let you know (here in this post) about an high-end natural organic and vegan cosmetic brand founded and made in the Vienna Woods called rivelles. Today I would like to talk a bit about their "hydro lip balm"*, which is completely vegan and gives your lips the needed moisture plus it doesn't leave a unpleasant greasy feeling on your lips, which some natural lip care products do (trust me I've tried quite a lot already:)).

I found their recycling packaging, made of wooden chips, quite interesting, well it gives the lipbalm itself a good protection of dirt but as it's a natural product you should use it up by 6 months. 

rivelles "hydro lip balm"* - 12.00 €

Even if the lipbalm looks yellow in the tin, it doesn't contain bee wax and it's translucent while applying it on your lips!:) I would recommend this lipbalm even for sensitive skin types, due to, that it doesn't contains harsh chemicals and it's unscented.

A great natural lip treatment, which prevends aging of your lip skin, Raspberry seed oil leaves your lips soft, moisturized and gives them the needed elasticity to avoid deep wrinkles (well I can hardly tell at the age of 24:)) .



Hi guys,

the last days I've been really busy but still I've got time to browse and read through some of my recently fav' books, like this one from Lonely Planet called Spain* it's the ultimative travel guide for your next Spain trip! It doesn't contain just a ton (and with a ton I honestly mean a ton!:)) of different hotel, restaurant as well as sight seeing addresses but as well you'll be well informed about the history and facts of each part of Spain. 

Lonely Planet - Spain* 30.99 € (Austria) / 28.99 € (Germany)

It's definitely not just about Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia etc. it's more about the whole country itself, splitted in all parts but if you'd prefer to get more information about the specific one, I'd recommend you to use this book while having another travel guide just for the area, where you actually wanna go. But honestly, I found, that this book gives you enough informations and for more I just look on their official tourism portal (here).

Inside you'll find (on the last page) a city map including a tube/metro map of Barcelona, which you can unstitch from the book itself and use while your stay there. It honestly will save you time, from the first day in Barcelona, as you'll not have to wait in the queue to get an information about which tube you should take, after arriving, and can buy straight ahead a ticket and continue your journey to your hotel or wherever you've planned to go.

Beside a huge amount of different galleries and cultural activities you can enjoy a nice trip around and make pictures of thousands of different architectural gems like for example: Gaudi's architecture art in Barcelona.

Most of all I'd like to visit Alhambra, their architecture has something special, it truly inspired me to visit this magical place one day on a trip to Spain, it's on my list guys!:)

For all of you, who like to do more sport and adventure beside your regular sport activities, don't be afraid, that you won't find any chapter in this book about other outdoor activities - you'll find a ton of them in this book!:)