Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Hi guys,

the days are shorter, it is honestly true - Autumn is here and we are more sleepy and tired than usual (well most of us, including me:)) and therefore I try to do some short power naps around the weekends to re-new my inner battery, which I need for work during week as well as for writing songs, blogging, going for walks through nice colorful parks and traveling. 

A power nap can be a part of your hygge routine as well as Hoogly tea - especially "Apple Strudel"* green tea, which has a fresh seasonal taste and calm me down after a stressful week!:) Honestly the taste of high-end green tea, with a hint of cloves and juicy apple - that's not just delicious but also reminds me strong on Mary Poppin's "Crisp Apple Strudel" & my childhood (whatever that means....:)).

 A great way to revitalize your mind with a cup of "Apple Strudel"* green tea & fight against Autumn blues!