Monday, 15 May 2017


Hi everyone,

recently I've been wearing again a lot pink shades, which I prefer during early spring days and this vibrant pink lipstick called "Full Fuchsia"* by MAC, has a specific non-matte texture, which is perfect for simple nude makeup to give your lips extra color!

I really enjoy wearing this shade, while wearing white or denim clothes (well on this picture I've worn my old blue cotton shirt from Majorca:)) as it brings out all of its vibrance.

The creamy texture of this lipstick doesn't smudge all over your face, while drinking a cup of tea or coffee. It's in fact quite longlasting, if 4 hours counts:)

MAC Aplified Creme Lipstick - "Full Fuchsia"* - 21.00 €

It's available in almost each MAC store as well as in good sorted makeup stores, as it's not the latest shade from their collection I'm sure, that some of you have already bought it or worn it in the past:) But I'm happy, that "Full Fuchsia"* is now in my lipstick collection.

By the way, to create a matte look without using a matte lipstick? Simply use a powder in the same shade like your creamy lipstick - for this lipstick you could use a bit of MAC "Full Fuchsia" Powder Blush:)!


Sunday, 14 May 2017

AFRODITE'S KITCHEN RECIPE - Fresh Tomato Soup with Orzo pasta*

Hi guys,

recently I've tried to change a bit my cooking habit, I hate cooking to be honest. Well I always been and still I'm more the baking queen and a cooking looser but I tried my best with this fresh and full of flavour tomato soup with tiny star pasta in it, which can be found in the new "Afrodite's Kitchen" cookbook*:

I've started with buying all the ingredients for this lovely soup, but as our local supermarket hasn't got the right Orzo or Kritharaki pasta - I simply switched to tiny star pasta (and hope, that I've not made anyone out from Cyprus angry! - I really will do my best to try it next time with Orzo pasta:))

Start with heating up (middle heat) the olive oil (1 tablespoon) and butter (2 tablespoons) in my fav' Le Creuset pot. Cut one and half french onion (the small ones:)) and let it get glossy within the olive oil butter mixture, while adding 1 fine shredded garlic and 1 teaspoon flour (any kind - but the fine one's the best!). 

After 1-2 Minute add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes, 2 diced fresh tomatoes, 1 teaspoon tomato paste and thyme and let it cook. After add 1 tea spoon sugar, pepper, salt and the fresh chopped basil, I've used a greek spice blend from Kotanyi (here).  If you use Orzo pasta (like mentioned in the official recipe) - you should cook the pasta in a seperated pot with water and some tiny bit of salt.

After the soup has been cooked for about 20min. and cooled (or if your blender is made for hot ingredients too - you don't have to cool it but be careful, really be careful - don't burn yourself!) put the soup in your blender and blend it smoothly. After the pasta has been cooked and your tomato soup has been blended - add the Orzo pasta in it or tiny star pasta, like I've used, and start serving.

But like in the recipe mentioned, you could give the soup a bit more creaminess by adding 40 gramms of cream or greek yoghurt (3%) or use it as a garnish like I've done:

Well so it wasn't literally the same result like on the picture as well as I've used different shaped and type of pasta but still it has remind me on a lovely sunny mediterranean afternoon somewhere in Spain, Greek or Cyprus.

Even if I've never been in Cyprus yet, I'll definitely try out more of the mouth-watering recipes inside this gorgeous cookbook called "Afrodite's Kitchen"* (printed by ZS Verlag for German speaking Countries) from Christina Loucas (Instagram, Blog) -  a food blogger from Cyprus, she knows the real hidden treasures from Cyprus kitchen!:)

Will you try this recipe out? Did you've already seen her book or did you've already got one?


Friday, 12 May 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently wearing a lot the "nude bouquet" eau de parfum from Zara. I know, all of us have a scent, a specific fav' perfume, which we always re-buy no matter how expensive it is. BUT there are days, where you almost run out of your fav' scent and you just wanna grab a further scent, just to save a bit more of your fav' one - and therefore this one is now a new fav' of mine!:)

Zara creates a variety of different scents for every taste. The quality of their Eau de Parfumes is pretty damn good, the scent lasts on your skin all day long and the price is not worth to think about twice to buy it!

"nude bouquet" isn't completely a flower scent it's much more powdery and classic, which shouldn't mean, that it's oldfashioned or that your grandma would like it (or maybe she would :)) - no it's more chic and just timeless.

I'm not kidding, I've recently realized, that a lot of people where asking me, what perfume I'm wearing, because they found the scent very nice - in fact even a girl from a course I recently attended told me, that each time I walked into the room, it smelled really nice there:)! So if that's not a compliment and worth to try it out?!

Zara - "nude bouquet" eau de parfum - 15.95€

I know, I know, each of us have different skin - not just skin type (which isn't important to wear the same perfume at all!) but more important each of us has a different natural body odor (like your own scent, which is coming through your pores and cells - or just skin pores, well don't know....).

Basically therefore each of us need to test a new perfume out, right onto your skin, before buying it! Usually I don't use the paper stripes, which are often seen in shops like Sephora or even at local drugstores like dm (Austrian/German) or boots (British).

Well but to come to the final point, this one lasts over 7-8 hours on myself and therefore I've bought it, as it's lasting through regular work/school hours and that's absolutely enough, as I usually re-apply it if I'm going out.

Did you've already tried this eau de parfum called "nude bouquet" out?!



Hi guys,

it has been quite a while, since I've posted the latest Listerine Green Tea mouthwash* on my Instagram (for everyone, who still don't know what my account name is: nika_bittner, and of course you may follow me:)) and so far I need to say, I love it! 

Basically I highly recommend the Listerine Green Tea mouthwash* to all green tea / tea drinkers (especially my best friend Kate:)), this mouthwash has a very natural green tea taste, it's not too minty (your tongue won't burn after using I swear!) and protects your teeth while creating a protective shield with twice more fluoride. 

Usually it has to be used twice a day, after brushing your teeth, but some of you maybe repeat your daily toothcare routine more often, therefore I would say, that this mouthwash is even after the 4th dental care still very gentle to your teeth! I've personally used it once 4 times a day, and that was my maximum of usage as I usually just cleanse my teeth 2-3 times per day!

What is your experience with Listerine? Did you've already tried out the Green Tea mouthwash*?


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Hi everyone,

I've been recently testing out a foundation/coverage I've never used or tried out before, in fact I've known MAC* since the beginning of my own makeup lifestyle but I've never tried out any of their products until now! (hope you didn't got an heart attack, after you read the line - it's true!, I've not tried their makeup line out until yet!). 

Now let me tell you, that I've not avoid this high-end brand - no I've just waited until the whole extreme boom under us bloggers have left a bit, as I'm a person, who likes to get inspired and excited about a specific brand and their products after or before the big extreme hype left/arrive. Well I wouldn't say that the hype 'bout MAC* products left quite, but bloggers/vloggers aren't talking and writing so much about MAC like you've seen it back in 2013, which was a time, where I finally started to use makeup daily (beside blogging 'bout it!).

So let me continue finally with the MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* in the shade: NW15, which contains SPF 15 (like already mentioned in the title:)) and the color is just perfect, if you're usually wearing the shade: "ivory" or "light ivory" from other makeup brands. I wouldn't recommend this shade to a "very light"/"porcelain" skin types, just if they tend to get "ivory" during summer like me (I tend to be "porcelain" during long cold winters).

The foundation itself gives you a nice coverage, fades away dark circles as well as skin imperfections, moisturizes and gives you a nice velvet finish without looking fake, cakey or cheap. 

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* has an innovative gel-base formula, which feels quite natural on your skin, without drying it out, easy to apply and blend onto your face as well as stays after wearing it for more than a half day! (especially important for persons, who works within the media/fashion industry). 

The MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation* is suitable for normal-/dry-/mature skin types and it's available in different shades. 

I know, that maybe most of you will already know about this foundation, as it's already on the market and most of you already have it or tried it out - am I right?!:) But if you've just recently discovered the MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 foundation*, let me know below in the comments, how you find the coverage as well as how long you've been using it so far:)


Thursday, 4 May 2017


Hi everyone,

I've been recently wearing a lot during first sunny spring days one pant, a special one, with my fav' pattern (Stripes YAY:)!) and from one of the stores I mainly buy clothes Zara (I know, some of you might not shop there or you maybe don't have the same taste as me - but I like their designs):

These striped pants are 100% made of cotton and are light and comfortable - perfect for late sunny spring days and summer!:) Both the good price as well as their quality got me finally to buy them and I don't regret it - as you maybe already know, that I'm in love with striped clothes!:)

I just love 'em!:)