Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hi everyone,

there are unicorns no matter where you look, therefore I alsways dreamed to create a sweatshirt (as you style yourself with an own painted sweatshirt in the comfiest way you could imagine during weekends:)).

First of all you need a plain white or creme sweatshirt and tons of different Marabu Fashion Sprays* as well as Fashion Liners*, to create the small patterns and details of your own fashion piece:

Marabu Fashion Sprays*

Especially I though about a pastel "Barbie-Style" sweatshirt, which I pimped up with some glitter hearts and other patterns in the front, as you don't need too much glitter, especially not on the back of your sweatshirt! (these days are totally over, where you had glitter on each part of your body!). It reminds me on cotton candy too and therefore it's a perfect unicorn style, if I'm not wrong:)

They also offer you different packages like "Tropical Island" or "Caribbean Dreams", which contain 3 Fashion Sprays* and one Fashion-Liner* for free! Also the colors match perfectly together, so you don't need necessary further different colours to create a great DIY fashion piece!:)

So what do you think?! I've already posted on my Instagram account (few weeks ago:)) a picture of my unicorn inspired sweatshirt, while I was painting it.

I really enjoy trying out different colours to create especially vintage inspired clothes as well as tote bags/shopping bags.



Hi guys,

I've been trying out some few drink/moctail recipes during the last week, which I create with the nutricious artisan water Magnesia. Today I'd like to show you my very own and first tried watermelon moctail:

What I've used to create it:

1 half of fresh watermelon sliced or cut in cubes (you've to use a blender to create a smooth puree & juice)
2-3 tsp. agave syrup or xylitol
1half squeezed lemon juice
1-2 cups of Magnesia* (the sparkling one)
a blender (I've used my Russell Hobbs)

This moctail is create while having a picnic in your garden, it's super refreshing not too sweet (even if the watermelon contains itself a lot of fruit sugar) and a perfect spring/summer non-alcoholic drink, which has less calories than alcoholic cocktails!

Try it out!:) You won't regret this yummy moctail, which contains Magnesia mineral water!


Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Hi everyone,

I've shown you in my last post a lighter and more summer version, how to wear the cotton blouse*, which is now available in all Tchibo stores for a limited time. The 2nd look is perfect for rainy and more colder days during spring or early autumn.



Hi everyone,

the days start to get warmer and so the mood starts to get brighter and happier, while the first sunny days finally began - summer isn't far away!


What I'm wearing:

Tchibo Cotton Blouse* - 19.99€
Old H&M denim shorts
Old Marks & Spencer real leather wedges


Friday, 17 March 2017


Hi everyone,

today has been for most of you green, due to St. Patrick's Day. Therefore I though, that maybe you'd like to try out this very simple and delicious recipe, which contains just a few ingredients.

If you follow my blog and me on Instagram and Twitter already for a while, you may know, that I'm not the best cook. I do love to bake, while I'm stressed out or need some inspiration BUT I'm not really into cooking. Therefore, as I love pasta in every shape, I try to create different variations. Instead just serving myself all the time spaghetti with tomato sauce, which isn't the worst thing to eat, but it can get boring.

This pasta dish is very simply, doesn't need as mentioned above a lot just:

1-2 portions uncooked Spaghetti (of your fav' brand and of course you've to cook them:))
1 fresh and ripe avocado 
1 can/tin of peeled shrimps
1 glass of red wine (maybe you've already a bottle opened or you just buy a 0.2l bottle for cooking)

Cook the spaghetti with the red wine (that leaves the wine aroma without alcohol), add the shrimps and mashed avocado while serving.

I'd say it doesn't looks just amazing (whoops sorry for the avocado all around my plate:)) it even tastes better. 



Hi guys,

this week has been quite stressful, but luckily the weather has been quite lovely and more sunny, than the weeks before. Therefore I tried to hydrate myself with more fresh pressed juices, which are detoxifying and helps to cleanse your face.

While you start a detox week you should always take care of choosing a good water. Of course some of you have high quality tap water, but some of you have to buy water. Some of you prefer mild sparkling, high sparkling or just pure water. It doesn't have to be an artisan water but it has to be a good quality high in minerals like Magnesia*, which comes from Carlsbad - it's the spa town in the Czech Republic and not quite far away from the capital Prague.

Ingredients for the refreshing Cucumber Lemonade:

1 fresh cucumber (peeled BUT blend the peel together with the peeled cucumbers!)
1 fresh lemon (squeeze the lemon and add the fresh squeezed juice into the blender)
1-3 soup spoons white sugar/brown sugar or other sweetner options you prefer
2-3 cups of Magnesia mild sparkling/sparkling water*

I'm drinking Magnesia water since my childhood, and mostly I've drank the pure or mild sparkling one, as I don't really like too much "bubbles" but honestly you could use both the mild and the high sparkling water for the Cucumber Lemonade - it just depends on your own taste.

I would say, it does have an aftertaste or it has a special taste. Due to the high amount of Magnesium and low in Sodium it can help  to regulate your body temperature, detoxification or it could help you to grow your energy production, while doing some gym.

This lemonade isn't just refreshing but full of magnesium and other minerals, which helps to create the powerful detox and a delicious spring drink.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hi guys,

I've been outside the last weeks a lot, while it wasn't raining or haven't been too cloudy to try out some of my latest clothes like the Eco Logic Cotton Dress* from Tchibo's latest collection:


What I've been wearing:

Eco Logic Cotton Dress* 24.95€ - Tchibo (available from now until 22.3.2017)
Petrol  Tights - Lindex
Black Ankle Boots - Mango


Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hi everyone,

today I'd like to show you a single eyeshadow from Douglas called "Under Cover"*, which is a great brown/bronzy shade, great for smokey-eye makeup but it could be used as well as a bronzer highlighter for darker skin types. To use it as a highlighter, you simply have to blend it well with your bronzer and apply it on your cheeks as well as your forehead.

Douglas Eyeshadow Mono "Under Cover"* - 9.99€

It's a very unique shade, as it isn't completely a brown or bronze shade - the natural light reflects different colors in the eyeshadow and so it looks sometimes more golden, rosegold or bronzy.

I'll use it seperately with just a tiny portion of one of my bronzy creme eyeshadows or after applying an eye primer without any other shades.

The simple modern packaging fits well into a well-sorted makeup drawer or makeup bag as well as it looks pretty. I'd say the price is worth to pay for such an eyeshadow with good blending and long-stay as well as for a color, which suits almost each eye color.