Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Hi guys,

well it's a bit late I guess, but I have still some posts, which will be christmas related, as I've not got time to post it yet.

Therefore I'd love to show you, how I usually decorate our christmas cookies, which isn't really a thing, if you are prepared, having a lot of different sugar pearls/festive motives and coloring.

Anyway, I usually do it while I listen to christmas songs, this year I got a pretty damn good list of xmas albums, I've listened too:):

She & Him - Christmas Party
Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas
Amy Grant - Tennessee Christmas
Jennifer Nettles - to celebrate Christmas
Chris Young - It Must Be Christmas
Audrey Assad - Inheritance
Loretta Lynn - white christmas blue
Lauren Daigle - Behold A Christmas Collection

And as every christmas season since my childhood I'm listening to the good old "Christmas Album" sang by Elvis.

It's to be honest always a kinda mess in the kitchen, but the results are fine I guess:)


Friday, 23 December 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about a simple (yeah simple, as we all need the time for something else than makeup on christmas day or?!) but lovely festive makeup look for this christmas season and came to this result:


I've used Supreme "Lash Volume Colourist"* mascara, Catrice Eye Brow Stylist Pencil in the lightest shade (Date with Ash-Ton) as well don't forget to mention, that I've used the Gosh Prime'n'Set Powder to avoid any nasty oily parts on my facial skin. As you wanna look prepared and lovely on such a festive day:)

Manhattan "All In One"* Lipstick in the shade: 620 Rockin' Red

 I really do love the scent of this lipstick* as it reminds me softly on a perfume I smelled once I guess in the early 2000s or 90s or it just reminds me on Estee Lauder scents (does it sound weird?!). Well it has a lovely texture, not too dry and not too oily - so it allows a perfect application (if you already trained yourself applying a red lipstick:)) and it lasts quite a long time without getting flacky/too dry.

What would be a makeup without a foundation, I've used the Manhattan "Wake Up Concealer"* (Naturelle), to cover the dark circles under my eyes (which I get really often during stressful moments) and any unclear skin parts (nasty pimples). 

After that I blend the Manhattan "3 in 1 Easy Match Make Up"* in the shade: 30 Soft Porcelain (as I'm very light, not light like a chalk but I'm simply like the tanned chalk, if you know what I mean:)).

But nothing goes without a healthy cheek tan, therefore I use my beloved Makeup Revolution "All about Bronzed" Ultra Blush Palette and for my eye makeup I've choosen the Manhattan "Eyemazing Nudes Eyeshadow Palette"* in the shade: 200 Shades of Manhattan. From this palette I used the first 3 shades and the 6th (kinda bronze/rose gold one) to create a quite nice blend deep eyemakeup, which stays classy.

Last but not least I used the Manhattan "Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Liner" to create the classic cateye:

It could be a great look for your work/school as well, as it isn't too much but it comes with the classic touch of glamour:)


Thursday, 22 December 2016


Hi guys,

the days get pretty short, it's really busy during this week (as it's Christmas in 2 or 3 days depends whether you celebrate on 24th or 25th:)) and I got already the perfect skirt for this season!:) 

Of course, I won't combine this look again (as the royal blue shirt wouldn't really fit for a bright christmas evening) therefore I'll wore it together with a plain white blouse to wear as usual a red lipstick and simply create a festive xmas look:)

Red Bow Skirt - 39€

I found this skirt in one of our latest small boutique stores called "Oh de lally", which has been created by some young fashionistas:) 

What I've worn:

Oh de lally - Red Bow Skirt
Zara - Ankle Boots Fall/Winter Col. '16
Tchibo - Royal Blue Turtle Neck shirt (old col.)

I think, that this skirt is really a cute piece in my wardrobe, it's by the way a great stage outfit as well (just in case you sing like me:)).



Hi everyone,

do you already got the perfect gift for your best friend or did you find already the makeup look you gonna wear on the 24th, 25th of December and New Years Eve?! I've found a perfect palette and tried different looks already since last week with the "Eyemazing Nudes"* eyeshadow palette:

It comes in an usual black palette, but the shades are perfect to create a beautiful earthy smokey eye, school/work look as well as night go out/festive eye makeup. The pigmentation isn't strong by each shade but all in all very well pigmented and longlasting (I've worn it over 8h/day and it doesn't smudged over my eyelid!).

All in all I would give this "Eyemazing Nudes"* eyeshadow palette from 10 points - 10 points, as it's a very nice, well pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow palette with a pretty good drugstore price!:) And I mean, who wouldn't like a palette called "200 shades of Manhattan":)



Hi guys,

I've been always an addicted cheesecake fan (to be honest I'd prefer a cheesecake above a bunch of rose:)) and therefore I've been really interested and happy about one of the latest books baking books from Hölker Verlag - "I love Cheesecake", which contains a bunch of different types of cheesecakes:

In the book you'll find baked as well as non-baked kind of cheesecakes, I've tried at first a cheesecake from their "Classic" section. It's called "Wiener Topfentorte" ("Vienna Quark Cake"):

Ingredients (for a 24cm round spring pan - this amount can be used for a christmas tree muffin pan too):

1 vanilla bean
4 Eggs (I've used medium sized eggs)
125g room temperatured non-salted butter
140g sugar (stevia, regular, brown, xylit or honey - depends on you:))
125g almond flour
125g quark (the one, which contains 20% fat)
1.5 fresh orange - usage: orange peel
3 tbs. Amaretto or like I used almond extract
dash of salt

You'll need also:

butter for the spring pan/christmas tree muffin pan
powdered sugar for

I've blended all ingredients together and blended the eggwhites with a dash of salt in a seperate bowl. Mixed carefully the eggwhites with the mixture together and let it bake for approx. 45min. in our oven at a temperature of 190 celsius degrees.

As this "cheesecake" doesn't contain any flour, it could be a great cake dish as well for gluten-free cake eaters:)

If you use a muffin pan with festive motive like my christmas tree muffin pan, it gives this cake an unique and cute look. For more decoration I've used walnut halfs, even if it doesn't contain any walnut flour (which brings me to the idea to make it the next time with walnut flour:)). Let your creativity run through each recipe you will find in this awesome "I love Cheesecake"* book!:)


Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Hi everyone,

I've started to use mascara not really in an early age, I was about 20 (yeah I'm not 20 anymore, which doesn't make me sad at all:)) and I always prefered the oldfashioned/traditional types of mascara brushes, not the fancy modern "sculping" ones but with brushes (if you know what I mean:)). The latest I've tried out is the new "Supreme Lash Volume Colourist"* by Manhattan Cosmetics, which has the typical mascara brush head but of course this mascara comes with an innovation: it makes your lashes darker after using it for two weeks. 

Now let me tell you, that I'm using it since few days, and my lashes are naturally darker, so I'll keep you up on Instagram or so, if there should be any changes in the next weeks. 

It comes in the typical shaped mascara packaging, which is used for almost all Manhattan Cosmetics mascaras, but to be honest I really like the pink and black combination, makes it in a kind classic.

As normally I pick always a black or in combination with black mascara packaging (if it's not rosegold packaged) - do you have the same behavior or do you grab just for your fav' mascara all the time?! Let me know, I'd be really interested in your answer(and nope, that shouldn't be an analyzing kind of question:)).

The texture isn't too sticky and I have to tell (with a positively surprised voice), that it doesn't feels or became dry after wearing it for almost half a day.

 Whoops- there's a "smudge" from my eyeliner at my eyelid (yeah I've done it too fast I guess, sorry:))

Unfortunately I can't really agree, that this mascara will 100% create an instant volume and that your lashes will appear fuller or longer. I've natural full darker lashes, which are already a bit longer (usually they reach the beginning of my eyebrows) I would say, yes you see an instant volume and length, if you have already a bit fuller or darker lashes.

All in all, I'd give this mascara from 10 points - 8 points. I really like the packaging, the type of the mascara brush, which allows a comfortable and quick application as well as the traditional black shade, which isn't too dry overtime:) But as mentioned before I don't think, it would create longer or fuller lashes on someone, who has too short or non-full lashes.

Did you've already tried this mascara on yourself?! If so, how did you found the result and would you recommend the "Supreme Lash Volume Colourist"* too?!


Monday, 19 December 2016


Hi guys,

yesterday finally the 1st snow came and today it was sooooo sunny, that I'm happy, that I made some pic's before it melted away:). I am pretty much wearing and worn my coat from Zara during last week a lot, which I got a year ago in London, before I moved to Prague, and I still love the fake fur decor as well as the classic beige/camel shade:

"There's the leave I've searched for so long, it has pretty colors, almost like a butterfly after birth"

Zara mid-coat - winter col. 2015
Zara long denim blouse - summer col. 2016
JOY black leather belt with golden elephant decor - fall col. 2015
Pull & Bear black denim jeggings
Zara boots - fall/winter col. 2016


Sunday, 18 December 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been baking, and trying out a lot new and well known cookie recipes the last weeks, before Christmas will arrive finally at our house:)

These cute festive 4 piece cookie cutters* by Patisse come in the lovely trend shade rosegold (and how I couldn't be amazed about them, as rosegold is my fav' shade and it's never enough to have it everywhere at home:)):

I'm using these cutters to create lovely gingerbread or for our annual linzer dough cookies filled with jam:)