Sunday, 28 August 2016


Hi everyone,

I'm a tea drinker, since I've lived in the UK I've tried a lot different tea brands, tea alternatives as well as I've drunk a time coffee, but skipped really fast back to drinking tea (the healthier drink;)). Since a month and a week I'm drinking the tea range called "Sweeteas" by Teekanne, which I've been excited to show and review for you:

The whole Sweeteas* collection contains: Strawberry Cheesecake*, Blueberry Muffin*, Lemon Cake* and Caramel Apple Pie*. All four tea flavours are sweetened with Stevia and have ZERO calories! (but taste badly good after the original desserts/cakes;)).

As I'll review all 4 seperately in another 4 posts, I just would like to mention, that these teas are available in every good stored supermarket/grocery or in Müller drugstores or online (here).



Hi everyone,

I'm living in Prague, Prague 6, which is called Dejvice. As I've enjoyed todays walk through my neighbourhood with my bro' I've though to share with you some of my fav' houses and places there:

Dejvice, a place with hidden small cafes, mini markets or nice architecture. It's popular by tourists, but more quite and not so over run like other places in Prague. I enjoy beeing here, as it's more calm, but in the same time fascinating with the interesting places, farmers market, and weekend atmosphere.



Hi everyone,

last weekend I've been with some of my siblings and my little nephew and bro' in law at one of the most visited touristic destinations near Prague - Karlstein:

There is a nice view on whole Karlstejn village and as it was so hot (approx. 30 celisius degrees) we bought some lovely ice cream for us;) (well at the end we got 2 portions/each;)).



Hi everyone,

the last few months I've been using products, which are here in Czech typically to use, but during my time in the UK I've been using most of the time these products, to keep my laundry and toilet clean (weird to combine these two completely different products together;)):

I've used the BIO Active Stain Removal Super Concentrated Liquid, which gave all of my clothes a lovely fresh scent, and it really last long!

Well maybe I've trusted, that it would make my clothes cleaner as well as fresher due to the Good Housekeeping Institute award (for someone who's not really a housewife like me;)).

The 2nd product has been my alltime used bathroom cleaner with antibacterial power from faith in nature, which I used to buy at one of the local Whole Foods markets in London/UK.

It is a great nature friendly cleaner, vegan and cruelty free - what more you would like to get from a bathroom cleaner?!;)

So these two products really have helped me to keep it a bit tidy, even if I'm more a messy bunny;)

What are your fav' cleaning products from the UK?!


Thursday, 18 August 2016


Hi everyone,

as I'm currently in Prague, I've been also watchin' live the Pride Parade '16, these are some pictures I've made during the Parade:

I hope you all tolerate others like I do. To be honest most of my best friends are gay;) I don't know, but they are the honest persons you could wish a friends! I don't think we should put all in one pot, of course there are some bad personalities as well like by us heteros but to be honest we aren't perfect. No one should be missing love, no matter whether hetero/homo or bi. We all deserve a bit love and the real love!


Monday, 15 August 2016


Hi everyone,

I've been using these 2 bowls* from Tchibo the last weeks a lot for different pasta/salad dishes as well as ice cream. They are perfect size for cereals or porridge too with the cute little boat on each bowl inside, these fine china bowls are really gorgeous:

Tchibo - 2 Bowl Set* (9.95€)

I am really satisfied with the quality of these 2 china bowls as well as with the lovely detailed print.



Hi guys,

I've recently tried out some of the latest body moisturizers and these 3 body lotions called "Sensual"* are perfect for summer as well as autumn months, especially the Sensual Relax Lotion with Spicy Vanilla scent* is great to use during autumn months, the Sensual Vitalizing Lotion with peachy scent* great for summer days as well as the Sensual Body Lotion with soft flower berry scent* is great for summer or spring:

These Limited Edition Sensual Body Lotions* from NIVEA are perfect in size as well as long lasting moisture, which makes your whole body soooo soft!;)


Monday, 1 August 2016

Beach Towel - Striped Moments*

Hi everyone,

I've enjoyed the last weeks full of sun, warm breeze and hours on balcony, outside and therefore I've been really enjoying to use this lovely striped beach towel*, with all kinds of stripes in blue shades:

Bath Towel* (Tchibo - 19.95€)

I really love the soft texture and the length, not too short and not too long - Perfect!;)