Saturday, 27 February 2016

TCHIBO - Scandinavian Bronze Latern*

Hi guys,

my home needs to be comfortable, needs bright warm lights, soft cusions, pastell shades, rose gold accessoires and therefore I've been so thankful for reviewing one of my last home accessoires from one of the latest Tchibo scandinavian home collection* - the bronze tea candle/candle latern:

 Tchibo - Latern* (12.95€) 

It's a very simple modern design, which matches perfectly modern as well as retro style homes!;)


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

PRAGUE Best COFFEE Places - La Boheme Cafe

Hi everyone,

as I'm currently located in Prague (start to live my life here in the city of my family origin) and try to escape as much as possible and find nice places for a chat and good coffee, you can be sure, that you'll find in the next time some other coffee shop reviews;)

At first I visited during christmas the La Boheme Cafe (which is also located in one of my fav' Prague districts - Vinohrady).

The coffee (I've ordered my fav' of all coffees - a cappucchino) is freshly brewed and made of high-quality coffee beans, including a glass of still water on a silver plate;).

I would highly recommend this lovely place if you're on a trip in Prague, locals or even if you wonder where to go for a good cup of coffee - La Boheme Cafe is one good answer!;)


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

RAW Avocado Pasta Sauce

Hi guys,

today I've made a very delicious and simple as well as super easy recipe for beginners (like moi;)):

What you'll need:

1 ripe or middle-ripe avocado
1 tsp. white pepper
1 lime (juice)
1 tsp. salt/sea salt
3-5 large spoons of still water
a blender (for smoothies etc.)

It suits perfectly to pasta with fresh tomatoes or to fresh carrots and peppers as a dip - a kind of plain guacamole.


TCHIBO - reversible HEARTS & STRIPES bed linen*

Hi everyone,

the last weeks I've been moving a lot of my home stuff, clothes etc. to my brothers apartement - where I'm living at the moment (and it's not always easy;)). So I've felt very glad about reviewing the latest Hearts & Stripes reversible bed linen*:

It's made of Jersey organic cotton and it's the same texture like T-Shirts - very comfortable during colder nights!;)

I truly had nice dreams in this linen;)


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

St. Valentines Day - Red Wine Pasta with Gervais

Hi guys,

I though to try a very quick, simple and delicious dish, which I called "St. Valentines Day Pasta" due to the red shade of the red wine pasta and a nice creamy sauce made of Gervais Black Pepper Cheese:

I also added sea salt and thyme - for an extra herb and taste;)

What you think about this simple dish, maybe some of you'll serve it your beloved person on the 14th of February?;)


Neuner's Elixirs*

Hi everyone,

the last 2 months I've been eating each morning 2 spoons / 1 spoon of each elixir to protect my body against cold and other illness and also against muscle hurt after yoga sessions.

I've tried and tested the magnesium elixir* - which is perfect for an healthy lifestyle including some sport or acitivies and also the immune & antioxidants* - which is great for the autumn/winter/pre-spring season to avoid getting earlier cold etc.:

Ingredients - Immune & Antioxidants*:

apple juice concentrate, water, royal jelly lyophil, vitamin C, acerola powder, rose hip juice, zinc lactate, green tea extract,  vitamins B1, B2, B6, sodium selenite, vitamin B12

The taste of both were different (of course - due to the different ingredients) but to be honest the taste of the magnesium was quiet better than the immune & antioxidants elixir.

Ingredients - Magnesium*:

water, apple juice concentrate, honey, magnesium gluconate, magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate, lemon juice concentrate, herbal blend (rosehips, spinach, mallow, verbena, Sarsaparilla) magnesium carbonate, yeast

However it's a good idea to care more about your body, as you'll have just that one body your whole life, so you or we all should care a bit more!

Neuner's created a wide range of different elixirs for each problem or better said for all needed vitamines and fibres in your body, to protect and care about it.

Do you use any kind of elixirs, vitamins during cold months or even the whole year?



Hi guys,

my pic' on Instagram was  reposted by the official Clarks Syrup today, so I though to show you how to make the perfect Organic Hot Choc' (with Green Panda Organic or Bio Cocoa/Kakao*) :

;) I really love the full choc' taste of this high-quality Organic Cacao* by Green Panda (thanks again for testing;)). It can be served as well without any sweetener, as the taste is really "chocolaty".

Did you've tasted this cocoa already or do you've tried another product from Green Panda, which you would recommend?


Limited Edition #DeinLabello

Hi guys,

this year Labello has created a special collection of 6 different packaging of the classic care lip balm:

(Photo Credit: Labello)

Perfect of Valentines Day (for all of you it's on the 14th of February - no matter whether single, as a couple or hater - just give it a try and celebrate this special day full of warm hugs, kisses, love movies...well it's a bit shit as a single I know:))

 (Photo Credit: Labello)

But anyway, this collection is a great treasure for all Labello collectors - as it's limited and won't be forever available - so better get one the first time you'll see them in your local drugstore shelf!:)

(non-paid PR post)