Wednesday, 30 July 2014

DIY SMOOTHIE #2: Wild Blueberry Dream

Hi guys;),

as I've been drinking the last weeks a LOT more than usually as well as I'm in the mood to create new juice and smoothie recipes almost each day!;) I though to share with you one of my latest smoothie I've created - it's a really delicious one:

The Wild Blueberries are one of my fav' fresh fruits during Summer/Late-Summer and Pre-Autumn as they are full of great vitamins like: vitamine C, vitamine K, mineral manganese. As well as the Powerfruit Blueberry will fight against high cholesterol, inflammation and cancer! So a pretty good fruit!;)

Buttermilk contains probiotic microbes and it's soothing to stomach and skin. Another great point - Buttermilk is low fat, which means it's far lower than milk or curd as fat is removed during churning! It contains vitamins, potassium, calcium and traces of phosphorus - a great ingredients for such healthy smoothies and blended drinks after a workout or just for a yummy snack after a meal or instead of your lunch!;)

Just add the fresh or frozen Wild Blueberries into your blender (I'm using my beloved Illumina Jug Blender* by Russell Hobbs), add the Agave Syrup as well as the fresh mint leaves and last but not least add the half cup of fresh still water as well as the cup of buttermilk into the jug and blend, blend, blend and blend;)!

....and finally - serve it:

The rich Wild Blueberry and Milk taste reminds me strongly on my childhood & the latest Labello Lip Butter (review & childhood story HERE) and I just love the pretty dark violet shade of the fresh handmade with love smoothie! Try it out as you'll love it - I'm sure!;)


Sunday, 27 July 2014

YOUR TEA: Tiny Tea Teatox (14 days)*

Hi guys;),

I've searched long time to find a kind detoxing tea, which doesn't effects extremely weightloss and other side effects and finally I've escaped and seen on many other blogs and Instagram accounts the high recommended Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea:

This is a herbal blended tea, which  should nourish and clean your whole body and as well your digestive system! It replenishes and restores back your body to the natural state and should help to assist reducing weight (BUT you'll NOT reduce it by just drink it and not change your eat habits or doing sport!) as well as it should reduce bloating, increases digestion funictionalities and should clarify your skin/enhance your skin condition. 

View inside the Tiny Tea Teatox (14 days) paper box with the nice "Hello" message:

As well as Tiny Tea Teatox* should help you to refill and increase the own energy level as well as helps to alleviate issues, which has been associated with food intolerances and food sensitivity/allergies. The Ingredients formulated with Chinese medicine herbs and based upon Chinese medicine will cleanse and detox your body just with the herbal effects BUT doesn't produce a laxative effect!

Back of the box as well as the Ingredients - which Tiny Tea Teatox contains:

How many cups per day are required to achieve the best result?:

You should drink Tiny Tea Teatox 3 times per day (30 min. before or after meals), which means in the morning, midday and early evening.

Avoid to drink Tiny Tea Teatox with meals or late at night!

You could add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or honey - if you'll need it. I drink mine just plain without adding some sweetness or citrus flavor.

Using description:
Add 1 teabag (each contains 2.5g) in your beloved mug and fill it up with boiling water and leave the bag inside your mug for about 5-7 minutes.

How often "Tiny Tea Teatox" by Your Tea can be used after finished the 14th day Teatox?:

It can be used up to 56 days in a row (2 x 28 day TinyTeatoxes). After their official recommendation you should then take a 2 week break to let your body find the own rhythm again.


I'm a pretty heavy tea drinker (love each black tea, as well as I'm pretty tried out every fruit tea JUST not cherries - as I'm hating cherries;)) and was soo soo happy to get this amazing chance from the Your Tea UK Team to test out the 14 days Tiny Tea Teatox* on myself and let them as well as you know - how much this teatox helps me and my body and what I'm thinking about this kind of detox tea/teatox!;)

Well I've started to drink the Tiny Tea Teatox 4 days ago - so I'm pretty on the beginning and can just say or better write you;), that the scent after I've opened the paper box was really earthy and remind me a bit on our basement;)

As well as the taste of the first sip was pretty earthy, herbal and REALLY NOT my taste at all! BUT after I've took my 2nd and 3rd sip I've become a friend with the unique herbal taste and now I'm almost familiar with the taste - it's not my fav' kind of teas BUT as it's a healthier and detoxing it was clear, that it won't taste like my beloved fruit or black tea! 

To be honest now after I've got familiar with the taste I as well see, that it's a really refreshing and energizing tea! - I feel less tired or leached after a pretty long working day (as well as after swimming I'm pretty sure!;)) 

Another effects like less bloating or flat belly - I don't know, I've not really problems with my digestion  or bloating as well as I'm not having really problems with a flat belly BUT I can feel a kinda difference in my whole body  and especially as mentioned above the energy level climbs higher and my skin begins to get better - even on my VERY dry and eczema hands!

 Happy Sipping!;):

So yeah that's it for today - I'll let you know in the following days, what else I've escaped or what has changed after using it a bit longer.

Did you've tried out the Tiny Tea Teatox* by Your Tea until yet?! What are your meanings and opinions about this kind of cleansing tea?!

For more informations please feel free to inform yourself on their Your Tea Website - HERE!


b.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit - Intro Kit

Hi everyone;),

as the sun can pretty effects (skin) irritations, dryness or even aging! It's always a good idea to pamper your facial skin with LOTS of moisture and it depends on your skin type - how much you really need!

My skin changes in the last years a LOT - I've never had a real acne BUT during my teenage years (approx. 13 to 16 years) I've got really problems with blackheads on my nose, chin or just rather said on the well known t-zone!

After my 18th birthday I've been almost impureness free and didn't had any blackheads BUT my skin was a bit oily on the t-zone especially during warm and cold seasons! Well I've always used gentle facial washes, peelings and creams (for day and night!) and as well tried out some eye creams to get the needed moisture for my sensitive eye area.

I'm now 21 - so in my 20s and I'm lucky to have not a problem skin type - no blackheads, no acne, no extra dryness or to much impureness or oily facial parts BUT I've dark circles under my eyes quite often (well I should probably sleep longer;) or it's because of my pale skin;)!) and my facial skin can turn REALLY sensitive - especially after a sunny day out or during the winter season - gets red after removing make-up or washing my face.

So after I've escaped this cute and really vintage inspired b.right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit by Benefit Cosmetics in one of the boots drugstores/chemists in Brighton I've known that I just need to try it out!;)

 The b.right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit contains:

Refined Finish Facial Polish (brightens, gently exfoliates, purify and minimize the appearance of pores) 8.9g
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with SPF 15 Pa++ (hydrates, protects & comforts with oil-free light formula) 8.9ml
Total Moisture Facial Cream (immediate & long-term hydration, tri-radiance complex) 8.9g
It's Potent! Eye Cream (fades dark circles & smooth fine lines) 3.0g
Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (smoothes, revitalizes, tones & hydrates) 8.9ml
Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (cleanses, gentle removes makeup & impurities) 8.9g


The cute glass jars and bottles as well as the vintage design hit my heart and I was as well pretty positively surprised by the refreshing scents of each product as well as the fast absorbing creams (both the Total Moisture Facial Cream as well as the It's Potent! eye cream are REALLY good!).

I've almost "remove" my dark circles below my eyes as well I've got an extra moisture on my eyelids!;)

How to use:

Apply delicately under your eyes.

Really light, refreshing and a bit cooling (I though) hydration facial cream - which can be used during your morning routine before applying your daily makeup or even after you've cared and pampered your face late evening! Totally worth to try it out if you've dry skin, sensitive (as it doesn't irritates and it's more calm to your skin then many other moisturizing creams!) as well as for aftersun facial routine!

How to use:

Gently apply this concentrated cream on your facial skin.

Washed, moisturized and cared face of ther using these 2 products and the Refined Finish Facial Polish:

I've fallen in love with the Total Moisture Facial Cream as well with the It's Potent! Eye Cream as they I've done their jobs and you know, these are not wonder products (who knows whether such products even excists;)) BUT they are really moisturizing and refreshing and NOT typical anti-aging products or even other specific special treatments for your facial skin - which I quite prefer!;)

As well as I would totally recommend you the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with SPF 15 Pa++ during the spring sunny days or during cloudy summer days! They protects your skin under your makeup or just during a lazy day at home, beach or during meeting friends etc.!:)

For more information about this b.right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit as well as Benefit Cosmetics - feel free to visit their website (HERE)- as they've absolutely lovely vintage inspired packaged/labeled as well as great high-quality products for each of us young ladies!;)


Labello's Fruity Lip Butter Collection*

Hi everyone,

as I'm such a lipbalm/lip butter addicted person;) I've really enjoyed to try out the latest 2 Lip Butters by Labello:

 Labello Lip Butter Coconut & Labello Lip Butter Blueberry Blush

1. Labello Lip Butter Coconut:

This one smells like pure fresh coconut with a creamy undertone - the scent is just amazing, I love such tropical flavors and to smell it reminds me promptly on some of my best summer holidays!;)

Well the texture is creamy and melts perfectly on your finger tips and lips without leaving any greasy feeling and absorbs really fast with leaving the deep and rich coconut feeling.

Well it's the best of all Lipbutters  by Labello I've tried out yet and I'll definitely recommend it to you if you're such a coconut and tropical lover like me and if you need a bit more moisture and softness to your beloved lips!;)

2. Labello Lip Butter Blueberry Blush:

This one called "Blueberry Blush" reminds me totally on my childhood and especially on lovely summer camp weeks - where I've been really often outside - playing in the near forest and pick some fresh wild Blueberries and after I've returned back to the camp/our small rented vac' wooden cottage - I've eaten them with milk!

So the scent and as well the shade of this Lip Butter reminds me on fresh Wild Blueberries with Milk and Sugar!

I'm not really a berry lover , especially if it comes to beauty/cosmetic products BUT this one isn't the typical chemical and "fake" fresh Blueberry & Milk scent - it's REALLY identically to the original scent!

So if you'd like to try out some more fruity and berry scented lip butters/balms - try this one out and let me know, how you'd describe this scent!;)

Labello Lip Butters:

Labello Lip Butters are available in (Germany&Austria):

There are in some other countries as well available these 2 scents/flavors:

I've been always lip butter addicted and so I'm happy to have these 2 latest Labello Lip Butters as well in my HUGE collection - as I'll definitely use them (otherwise I would give them away as a gift to my sis' or someone else - as you know there are some samples & products which aren't really my thing and I couldn't be as much honest as someone who really loves or likes a special product!).

The latest 2 Labello Lip Butters will be available in each drugstore/supermarket from August 2014 for approx. 2.49€ (19ml tin)

For more information about Labello/Labello Lipbutters feel free to visit their international page to choose your local/country page: HERE!

Wish you a lovely weekend and Sunday afternoon!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

DIY SMOOTHIE #1: Strawberry, Raspberry Refresher

Hi everyone,

as we've finally reached the mid' of summer, we all get thirsty if it's over 30 degrees celsius and we need something to refresh and cleanse as well as hydrate our whole body and skin!

Well as I've been trying out the last days some recipes (some simple and some more tricky) with my latest kitchen item called "Illumina Jug Blender" by Russell Hobbs*. I though to show you my first pretty good and simple smoothie kinda juice called "Strawberry, Raspberry Refresher":

Cut Banana, add fresh or even better refreshing frozen raspberry and strawberries, squeeze some agave syrup and add as well fresh mint leaves....start blending!

Blend babe' blend it!;)

That smart electric blender has an unique power - love that!;)

....and finally - serve it:

It's smooth, refreshing and VERY healthy guys! - Try it out;)

More informations about the Illumina Jug Blender* by Russell Hobbs you'll find on their official website (HERE)

79.99 € or £ 69.99 


Wild City Girl OOTD - Autumn Edition*

Hi my beloved readers!;),

Long time ago my last OOTD was uploaded and as I've been busy with soooo much news and funny new things to try out, planing my further months as well as gettin' exciting about some other things at the moment and also work at my "normal" working place (well as peanuts doesn't come from alone!;)) There was no time to upload further OOTD - well I'm happy to continue with OOTD's as I adore to style myself!;)

But anyway, Tchibo has invited me (Thank you soooo much again!;)) to take part in their latest "Blog-Parade" - where I should show you 3 of their latest fashion accessoires (leather "country" ankle boots, dark brown synthetic leather handbag and a blue pattern scarf) in combination with my fav' autumn inspired fashion pieces to create a great "Wild City" look - which I simply called "Wild City Girl":

I've inspired myself on chilled autumn nights out -  like in the old american movies ("Somethings Gotta Give") or in one of my fav' TV Shows Glee - girl after school meeting her best friends or just went for a date with her man of dreams or just went for a picnic in New Hamptons and behind her the lovely sea with the sand beach!

Love that bracelet by Miss Selfridges:

The comfy and very soft baby blue/pale blue knitted jumper by ZARA matches perfectly with a pair of jeans shorts (I've used just my classic old H&M ones - BUT pale butter yellow or white would suit perfectly as well!;)). Further I've include my latest fav' sun glasses by Maui Jim & a really nice thin golden bracelet by Miss Selfridge.

Adore this leather boots by Tchibo:

 Price: approx. 60.00€

The leather ankle boots or "Wild Country" city boots* like I'd call them are to be honest my fav' piece from the "Stars of Accessoires" Tchibo limited collection! As they are very high-quality, soft leather and comfy to wear (as well without socks - pssssst;)!) and just creates this southern california style perfectly! The price is as well really a bargain!

As I'm not usually wearing scarfs - especially NOT during Spring/Summer/Autumn or even Winter (to be honest) just if it's really cold I'd need a thick knitted! That's the reason why I've created a kind of Loop with this light scarf* - to enjoy wearing it - without always thinking "well I'm wearing a scarf, hopefully the time will be soon over and I'll get the chance to remove it". The pattern is pretty, not to heavy, not leo-print (which I absolutely hate!) or too big symbols/pattern and the colors are as well pretty matching with my whole style!

  Price - Handbag: approx. 30.00€, Price - Scarf: approx. 8.00€

This middle-size, synthetic leather handbag* will be a real "multi-functional" friend of mine, my mom's as well as maybe yours!;) As you can wear it on your shoulder (Sling-Bag), on your upperarm (Handbag), you have 5 different pockets (including a secret one!) to avoid any missing pieces as well as the shade of this bag is really great as dark choc' brown suits well with each outfit!

How did you like my "Wild City Girl" OOTD* with 3 lovely pieces by Tchibo?! - Did you're such a leather ankle boot fan like me or did you prefer other kind of leather shoes during the autumn or pre-autumn time?!

I'd be sooooo happy guys about your vote on the official Tchibo Blog for my "Wild City Girl" OOTD! (BUT I'll not be angry if you won't vote for me - as everyone has another taste!:)).

The Vote starts like the selling of the "Stars of Accessoires" limited collection from 13th of August 2014 - don't forget that, if you would like to vote for me!;)

The "Stars of Accessoires" limited collection will be available from 13th of August 2014 for approx. 4 Weeks in each Tchibo store or online on their official website! 

Further information you'll see on the official Tchibo website (HERE) or on their Blog (HERE).

Wish you all a great sunny afternoon!