Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Short Vacation Trip: PRAGUE

Hi everyone;),

I've not written any post since Sunday - as I've been on a short vacation/trip to Prague from last Monday until today (just arrived almost 2 hours ago;)). And as I'm planning a LOT at the moment I'm not always in the best inspiration mood BUT always try to satisfied myself as well as YOU;) (as I'm always sooooo happy to get comments and to answer them if I've time;)).

Maybe you've seen my old Prague holiday posts and maybe you've been as well once or often in Prague?!

Trdelnik- one of the typical czech/slovak sweet baked heaven;)!

I'v as well been at one of the lovely Bohemia Bagel's restaurants/breakfast places (Lázeňská 19, Praha 1 - Malá strana) - where I've eaten my 1st Bohemia Bagel!;):

My 1st Bohemia Bagel wholemeal/oats bagel with strawberry jam:

Kampa Island & Certovka or "Little Prague Venice" with the reluctantly seen (love) keys:


I've really been in LOT shopping centres:

(These pic's and other you'll see on my Instagram Account;))

Shopping Centres I've visited (some of the shopping centres aren't on the collage above as I've forgot to make some pictures more;)!):


was opened 2007, contains currently 180 shops, 20 restaurants, bars and cafés of five floors, one of the biggest shopping centres in the Czech Republic at this time, it's on the opposite site of OD Kotva, the site where it stands was under control of the Army until being sold in the 1990s

20 000 m2 sales floor and 18 000 m2 office floor , 130 brand shops and activities, 4 floors, on the 4th floor are different restaurants and the Cinema City with 3D Imax

was opened 9th November 2005, 55 000 m2 sales floor, more than 212 shops/restaurants

the latest shopping mall/area in the middle/centre of Prague was opened 6th of March 2014 and contains currently 20 shops/restaurants

was opened 2001, 85 150 m2, contains 160 shops/restaurants, a 2 floor hypermarket and a multiplex cinema with 12 movie rooms

Old Vintage:

75th anniversary -since 19th march 1939, was the most modern and the biggest in east and west europe!, inside you'll find the 1st escalator in middle europe since in the 30s! the shopping area and inside is similar to Wertheim and Karstadt in Berlin or De Buenkorf  in Rotterdam

was built during 1970-1975, it's an hexagon building/architecture, was the biggest shopping mall/center during the Czechoslovakia era

My fav' will still be OC Smichov (Station: Andel) & Palladium!;)

 There are sooooo many different places and things to see in Prague - just escape!;):

Hope you've had a great week!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Heartbeat OOTD

Hi everyone;),

I though to show you one of my fav' dresses of this week and month as well - which I bought in one of my fav' stores: ZARA (you know how much I love the store & brand!;)).

I've called this OOTD "Heartbeat" as the dress itself is a kind of 80s dress shape and design.

The lovely pastel rose shade as well the shape reminds me of the 80s - which I adore as well!;)

Like Don Johnson's "Heartbeat"

What I've worn:

Popelin Pastel Rose Dress with a Bow - ZARA 29.95€ - HERE
Black Wedges (Vintage) - Deichmann
Real Stone Necklace - which I've turned into a bracelet for this shoot (bought by my brother)

How did you like my "Heartbeat" OOTD - Would you like to wear such a dress as well this Spring/Summer '14?!

Wish you a great beginning into a new week!


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Cotton Morning OOTD

Hi everyone,

another OOTD, which I've just called "Cotton Morning" as the long blouse I've worn is made of 100% cotton and the jeans you know many jeans are made from cotton and of course my Jack Purcell's are made as well a bit from cotton - so the name seems to be right here - right?!;)

It's really sunny & HOT know and I wish I could be right know at the beach or what would be better - to live somewhere not far away from a beautiful beach - where I could go each day swim after work, blogging or singing!;) 

Well in the meantime I just relax, inspire myself and create new plans!;)

What I've worn:
Long Thin 100% Cotton Blouse with cute palm pattern (Vintage) - H&M
Jeans Shorts High-Waisted (Vintage from the H&M Child Department;)) - similar Jeansshorts HERE at H&M
Converse Jack Purcell Pink Sneakers - Jack Purcells this one in Blue are as well gorgeous;)

What are your fav' hot sunny summer weather day outfits?!

Wish you all a pretty amazing Saturday & Sunday!


Lauren By Ralph Lauren Floral Boxer Pajama

Hi my sweet readers;),

o.k. this isn't my usual OOTD (maybe on weekends;)) or kind of "Hey let's get make some new pic's of my fav' clothes!" time BUT I really Adore and Love one of my latest nighttime pieces/pajamas.

This one is to be honest from one of my fav' high-end, classic and unique designers Ralph Lauren:

I'm totally in love with the floral patterns and the bright different colors - which climbs up your mood and bring you more and more into a summer mood, as the pattern is really tropical - isn't it?!;)

It's made from cotton, the feeling to wear this light floral boxer pajama is indescribable smooth and lovely and what a perfect gift it would be too for your best friend, sister, girlfriend;)!

I've seen it a awhile at one of the Ralph Lauren stores before I've finally bought it;) and fell promptly in love with this Floral Summer Pajama!

How did you find this Green Floral Boxer Pajama Set by Lauren By Ralph Lauren?! I'm thinking it's cute and really a kind of Summer feeling pajama and nightwear!;)

If you would like to check out their official website:

My Floral Boxer Pajama Set is NOW on Sale!;) Visit HERE to buy it for $ 44.99 instead of $ 62.00!;)

Have a gorgeous Saturday & Weekend!;)


Friday, 23 May 2014


Hi guys;),

I'm turning more and more in a kind of fashion blogger - or?!;) But DON'T be afraid, my love for makeup and beauty things as well as traveling and my biggest passion singing hasn't changed!:)

This week I though to try to make as much posts as possible as I'm on vacation (yep 1 week free and I'm at home;)) to create new ideas for my blog and as well to earn some more inspirations.

This OOTD I've called just "Blue Casual" is a really comfy and casual outfit, which I've worn all day long today - as the shirt reminds me sooooo on NYC (I've got it at the Express store for Sale!;)).

My fav' song of this week (guys I've listen to this song maybe 100 times this week!;)):

"Never Change A Winning Team" sang by Tina Rainford (1979)

The neon pastel pink slippers/loafers from Zara suits perfectly with my white jeans shorts from Bershka!;):

"Don't be afraid to try something new - maybe it's a further great way to show yourself!" (NIKA Bittner)

What I've worn:

Blue Shirt (NYC Haul) was for Sale - Express - Similar: HERE
White Denim Jeans (from last Summer '13) - Bershka
Pink Neon/Pastel Slippers/Loafers (from last Summer '13) - Zara
Sunglasses - Forever 21 - HERE

I hope you've got a wonderful week - may your weekend be even more brighter and better!;)


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Californian Spirit OOTD

Hi my lovely friends;),

today I've worn one of my alltime fav' 100% cotton really light dresses with some white jeans shorts and I though to complete the whole outfit with a cute tiny bow leather belt - so what do you think?!:

Elvis Presley's "I Got Lucky" has inspired me to create a kind of Californian Spirit Outfit - which is timeless, could be worn in the 50s as well as 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s as today!;)

What I've worn:

100% plain white cotton Mini Dress/Blouse Dress (Vintage) - H&M
White Jeans Short (from last Summer) - Bershka
Non-real leather brown Sandals/Flats (NYC Haul) - Aeropostale
Pastel Cotton Friendship Bracelet - my 1st handmade;)
Silver Ring with real turquoise stone (Vintage from my grandpa)
Golden Feather Ring (NYC Haul) - Call It Spring

I hope you've enjoyed my today "Californian Spirit" OOTD!

Have a wonderful sunny and bright and happy day;)!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hi everyone;),

that's the final post about my fav' photos/memories I've earned during my spring vacation in NYC in March and I won't write the same as in the last 2 posts about "NYC I LOVE YOU" so just view my own special memories;):

Especially Coney Island has hit my heart again (as durin' my 1st time in NYC I've fell in love with the colorful and old pier) and it's a place where I'm happy to return again and again;)!