Sunday, 25 November 2012

Autumn Bucket List part4 (the last one:))

Hi guys,

I've started to attend the "Autumn Bucket List" by Marie almost one month ago and now I would like to show you my last point from all - my fav autumn outfit, but as I've not made a pic of myself the last days - I'll show you a collage with my fav pieces from Topshop:

(All pic's are from Topshop - they don't are mine!!!!)

As you can see, I've been affected by the pre-christmas time, as you know - I love the "Most wonderful time of the year"-and as you can go now on your local christmas market drink your fav' alcohol or non-alcohol (which I prefer:)) punch or hot cider and spend your time with your friends and family, prepare your gifts for them and wait to get your own christmas wishes from our old friend Santa under your christmas tree, yea I really can't wait, that the last month of the year will start and we can open each day our advent calendar and wait for the maybe most important day of the year:)

O.K. that was maybe too much of "Christmas-Feeling-Explosion", but I'm really the kid, which believes a long long time (I think I was 11 years old!!!!) on Santa Clause, and who knows:) Last days, I've leaf through our family albums and found some nice pic's of myself, where I was maybe 2-3 years old and surprised about what Santa has gave me:

I'm glad, that I've had such a happy childhood with lots of love and learned how to share and prepare treasures for other people who I love and of course I've grown up with old christmas classics from Elvis like - If Everyday Was Like Christmas:

Oh this year is also really special, as my youngest nephew was born this year and now he will celebrate his first christmas - oh so lovely:) (yes I'm 19 and I'm an aunt since I was born:)) - don't ask me why - I've 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they are all older as I'm:))

My childhood christmas memory is and will be forever:) to watch early in the morning the animation movie: "Annabelle's Wish", eat some traditional family christmas cookies (which I'm proud to have learned and get the recipes from my mum:)), wait until night for the lovely sparkle christmas tree (which my sister and mum has decorated when I was a little girl:) and later I've done the job:)), eat with my brother, sister, mum and later brother-in-law our christmas eve meal together and of course to be nervous - what magic items and gifts are under the christmas tree - what has Santa brought:))

Oh but I love each christmas movies, especially the older ones (80's, 90's....) but also the latest from 2012.

For those - who  don't know them all - here some trailers:

 Oh I know, that this is a huge trailer-list, but maybe you'll have time and take a look - what you'll watch this christmas season:)

What are your childhood-christmas memories and what present you'll give/make your nearest loves this year????

For those, who don't know, what Santa should leave under the fabulous decorated christmas tree - here some ideas (Note: All pictures are from their own websites - they don't belong to me!) :

(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)
(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown)

Maybe one of the latest and Limited Editon makeup highlights by Bobbi Brown

 (Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about the new Dior Collection GRAND BAL Noel/Christmas 2012
(Photo Credits: DIOR) 

Or one of their foundations/compact powder makeup's - Dior has each tone for everyone of us:)
(Photo Credits: DIOR)

Or what about some eyeshadows or blushes for your individual makeup collection in lovely pastel colours:)

(Photo Credits: ARTDECO)

The latest Artdeco collection Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage is a bit cheaper option to Dior, but the quality is brilliant and the colours are awesome!!!!
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop)

The Body Shop has also create such high coloured and brilliant sparkle eyeshadows, lipsticks in individual tones and shades - just take a look:)
(Photo Credits: The Body Shop) 

You can find at your local The Body Shop store also a Limited Christmas/Winter Trend Edition Makeup Collection
(Photo Credits: Catrice)

The new Limited Edition SPECTACULART by Catrice has also a lovely tone variation and sparkle treasures:)
(Photo Credits: Catrice) 

And Siberian Call by Catrice too, will bring your wild but feminine site at the best light:)

I hope that I could gave you some makeup ideas for your christmas wish list:) and would be as I said really interesting to know, what are your fav christmas childhood memories and movies too:)

Wish you a nice start in a new week and see you soon:)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

On Set - "Die Frau in Mir"

Hi guys,

as I've said in the post about "The Twilight Saga - essence/rossmann event in Hamburg", that I've been doing a lot this week, here's my second trip, which was in Vienna, on set of the new movie "Die Frau in Mir" by Stefanie Veith, Christian Pötschke (screenplay) and Michael Rowitz (producer), where I've took part as an Extra:):

(All pic's are from the great PULS4 team - they aren't made by myself - but that's really me!!!!:))

You can see me on the first pic with the leading/main actor - Max von Pufendorf and on the second pic you see me with another Extra cast:)

It was a great experience (I've learned a lot, what it means to be on a set -that it really takes a long time to make a perfect shot/scene and have seen lot of interesting people!) and it was located in a nice modern club called - Albertina Passage.

My biggest passion is (and will stay!!!!) music - singing, but I like to see other creative parts of this huge artist/performer business:) It doesn't matter, whether you like more music, acting, drawing or dancing or other things like this, 'cause all form a part of a big family - all creative work, have roots in one part!!!!

So it was great to take part and I'm glad for this awesome chance  - maybe you'll like to watch this new austrian/german movie next year on tv - I'll be there:)

Wish you a nice weekend and let me know, whether you also have such nice week behind you:)


essence/rossmann blogger event - Hamburg

Hi guys:),

sorry, but I was until wednesday overbooked:) And after I went back at home, I worked on my pic's, school and and and:) So you see, that I've not enough time to write more posts this week:)

But anyway, here you can see some pic's from my first essence & rossmann drugstore blogger event in Hamburg, where we (all bloggers:)) were invited to see the last part of The Twilight Saga (pre-premiere) and got a lot of goodies (also the latest essence Twilight-Collection:)):

(This pic's, which you can see here in the collage aren't made by myself - they are from google!)

And as you can see, in the fourth collage, there's a pic from the amazing ultra tasty Starbucks Cranberry & Orange Muffin - yummy yummy yummy:) Of course, I've got also a Chai Tea Latte, but you know, I'm a really "Starbucks-oholic":)

The shop-window by Kiehl's is really strange - Doc. skeleton says "Hi":), but I've found also a nice fashion inspiration - lot's of nice dresses and cute warm leather buffalo - shoes for the winter time:)

And as I'm now in a huge Christmas-prep time and mood, I was amazed about the "Hamburger-Christmas Market- Preparation":) The cute Santa made of Lego stones - oh I can't wait the Night Before Christmas:)

It was an interesting experience to talk with other people, who made such blogs as I do, but a huge part make also other blogs and youtube channels:) The whole group was huge - more than 150 people!!!! and as I said it was a big fun and I'm glad, that I've got the chance to take part:)

Here you can see my makeup-look and "The Twilight Saga"-essence/rossmann blogger event look:

I've tried out (on the same day!!!!) on of the essence my skin soft facial cleansing gel out, and I must say, it's not really a "Wow"-effect, but it smells really fresh and your skin is really soft and deep cleaned after you've used it, but as I said, I've been using now also a Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleansing gel, and that's a bit fresher:) But the liquid and texture is pretty the same and both has a very good quality:

I must say, that I'm not really a big fan of The Twilight Saga, but I've read all books (which are for my taste better than the movies - 'cause, if you read a book, you can create your own "Twilight"-World with your own fantasy:))  After the end, I've found out, that the soundtrack isn't really bad - no there are a lot of good songs (that's typical for me - I'm always on the hunt for new songs:)) especially "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. So I've decided to try it out and sing it on my too:

The next day (after I arrived:)) I've also tried out the essence pigments and mixed two own colors - a great idea for creative people:)):

How to get these "Twilight - dark blue magic" shadow:

1. First of all you'll need an essence pigment in the shade: 01 Jacob's Protection

2. The second pigment you'll need is: 17 dory in love

3. The third pigment you'll need is: 05 star dust

4. And last but not least, you'll mix all pigments together with your essence colour arts multi tasker

And voila - you're own pigment/eye shadow is finish, you can buy your next essence colour arts mixing jars and start again, other different awesome colour shades:) Don't forget to use your essence colour arts eye base, to get the needed pigment - fixation:)

Hope that you've enjoyed this post and hope that you'll follow me in the future:) Wish you all a nice weekend and a great pre-christmas time:)


Saturday, 17 November 2012

My fav christmas songs and Autumn Bucket List part3

Hi guys,

I'll promise you, that these is my last post for today (I hope so:)), but I've forgot to write about the third part of my Autumn Bucket list, which was the lovely idea from Marie:)  And as I've written in the past about my fav drink, activity, makeup and decor, I've thought to show you my fav meal during the autumn time (it's my fav since this week - as it's turning really cold outside:)) - "Fresh Spicy Tomato Soup":


Put all ingrediences (which are written on the pic:)) together and let it boil and after 2-3 minutes let it simmer for 10 min. - don't forget to stir! It's a really spice and hot soup, a perfect meal for a cozy afternoon or evening - where you're watching your fac soaps/movies or listen to your fav christmas songs:) 

My fav christmas songs are at the moment:

I'll Be Home For Christmas - Rascal Flatts

Christmas Wrapping - GLEE

Last Christmas - WHAM

Miss You Most At Christmas Time - Mariah Carey

My Grown-Up Christmas List - Amy Grant

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Michael Buble
And I'm also in love with the CMA Country Christmas Show - here you can see a full version from 2011:) Hope, that some of you are also soooo excited about the whole christmas time and wish you all the best and a great evening!!!! Yours, NIKA

Mineral hygienics

Hi guys:),

I've recieved few days ago (exactly 2 days ago:)) a really lovely package (with a Wonka Laffy Taffy banana:)) from Mineral hygienics:

What the package includes:

1 Mineral hygienics Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
1 Mineral hygienics Cool Kiss Mineral Bronzer
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Perfection Mineral Finish Silk Translucent
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Fair Mineral Foundation
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Fairly Light Mineral Foundation
1 Mineral hygienics Sheer Light Mineral Foundation
and also their latest catalogue, product directions and an experience flyer

I was really glad, to get these chance to make a review of this awesome american natural mineral makeup products and to inform you a bit about the brand (which is also loved by makeup artists, celebrities, and other TV-people like CBS- Kate R.:)) The coverage and feeling after you've apply your natural mineral foundation and finish, bronzer from Mineral hygienics is awesome, and it really last a day long!!!!

Here you can see my first and easy "I can't wait summer" makeup idea with the Mineral hygienics natural minerals:

This is a perfect makeup idea for school, work etc. and it's really natural, I'll show you the next days more makeup ideas with this awesome mineral powders and also some christmas/winter themed makeup ideas:)

Oh if you would like to know, where I've bought this tee (it's almost one month ago:)) - from Hollister:)

Hope that you've liked this post and it would be nice if you would give me some comments, which makeup I should show you next, or what would you like to read on my blog (ideas:)) - hope that each of you will have a nice weekend and wish you all the best!


My week in Prague (my second home:))

Hi guys,

sorry, that I've not write the last days more posts, but I was preparing all my pic's for my blog and of course school things and other plans are in my head at the moment:) So here are some pic's from my trip to Prague (where a huge part of my fam live:)) and some christmas inspirations as well:):


As you can see on the "Christmas Tree - Ornament Decoration" pic-collage, I've found a lot of different designs in one of my fav shopping center in prague:) (Novy Smichov) And on the other collage - with me, wearing a red lipstick from the Rimmel Kate Moss collection - Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade 09 (a really berry red tone and perfect for fairy/porcelain/light skin tones!!!!)

I've bouth also the new Match Perfection Foundation by Rimmel in the shade 100 ivory and the  Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel in the shade 003 Peach Glow, which has a nice and long lasting "Matte-Cover" and some little sparkles:) I really like the Stay Matte powder and will definitely buy it again, and the Match Perfection Foundation is a good alternative, if you are a student or haven't enough money left to buy a MAC or other High-End foundation, but I would also recommend the Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation, as this one is my fav at the moment:)

This week I've also bought a new "Sprinkle-Twinkle" rock/skirt:) and I've found a new (for me new:)) nail polish brand (also bought in prague!) - which is called Flormar and I've bought a lovely and highly rare 3d-illuminating nail polish "golden sprinkle" tone 394. I'll post in the next days a pic, where I'm wearing this amazing nail polish:) After I went back, I've also bought a limited edition hand cream from essence, which has a lovely scent of gingerbread chai latte - a perfect christmas and winter season hand treatment:)

I've also tried out the new essentials makeup-remover wet cloths for sensitive skin from Olaz/Olay and I'm wearing the last days often the Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick as I've mentioned below:) One facial care product has also find a new place at my bathroom and I would recommend it, if you've also an oily and sometimes tired skin - the Clean&Clear morning burst facial cleanser. It totally smells like grapefruit and other citrus fruits and your skin feels after you've used, totally refreshed and I think that there's also a bit of mint extract in it, because it's the same feeling after you've washed it off, as you were wearing the Burt's and Bees original lipbalm on your lips - a hint of freshness and mint:)

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this post about my time in prague and other inspirations and wish you a nice weekend:)

See you soon!



Monday, 12 November 2012

JOHN FRIEDA, evolve, Artdeco and Yves Rocher

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you some of my latest beauty care items and some makeup news from Artdeco:

First of all the two shampoo/conditioner and hair styling ranges from JOHN FRIEDA:

1. sheer BLONDE (shampoo, conditioner and hairspray)
2. FRIZZ-EASE (shampoo, conditioner and curl spray)

I was totally amazed about the sheer BLONDE range, as the shampoo and conditioner will gives your natural blonde hair (as I've natural dark blonde hair:)) and dyed hair a  refreshness, care and fast blonde effect! It doesn't makes your hair really light or two-three blonde tones lighter but it keeps your natural or dyed blonde tone, and that's worth to try it out, or not????

The other range, which is the JF FRIZZ-EASE for curly hair types (as you know I've curls and waves baby:)) I know already for a while, as I've tried out the conditioner and the Dream Curls styling spray (which I would definitely recommend to all of you, who has curly wavy hair and wanna become a nice all day long holding treasure:)) The shampoo as well as the conditioner are also really good for the curl and wavy texture and helps to make your daily hair care and hair styling routine easier to keep:)

All 6 products are really awesome to have, but I would change after one use the other one, to get a change in your weekly hair care routine, otherwise I'm happy that such a brand exist, who makes hair care products for all hair types and hair colors!

The other products are from evolve and as you can see, I've got two samples, to try out two of their organic facial cleasing products:

1. evolve organic beauty Multipeptide Double Cream
2. evolve organic beauty Gentle Cleasing Melt

The first product, which I've used was the evolve organic beauty Multipeptide Double Cream, which should be for normal/dry skin types and should gives you the needed hydration, smoothness and also a firmness as it's a anti-aging moisturizer/beauty product. And that's the point, I'm 19, I don't really need such products like anti-aging, because my skin is in the best time and I only need some care but without anti-aging extracts:), after I've tried it on my facial skin it starts to get red and I wasn't really amazed about the smell, it really doesn't work on my skin so I've removed it promptly from my facial skin and applied my normal moisturizer - and all redness and uncomfy skin-feeling was away.

But I wouldn't say that the qualitay isn't good of this moisturizer, but it's for people, who are older as I'm and so they need another special skin care routine and maybe it works better on older skin types, but for me it also doesn't smell nice. So I wouldn't recommend it for young people as I'm, but maybe for older ones, it would suit better:)

The evolve organic Gentle Cleasing Melt is perfectly made for normal and dry skin but also for sensitive skin types, contains natural sugar, which cleanse your face from makeup and impurities. It will leave it fresh, clean and hydrated. It was a great option to try out a new organic facial beauty care product, which doesn't contains any soaps and which is also good for sensitive skin parts (as I've sometimes during the winter seasons some very sensitive facial skin parts:)) And the scent was also sooo "YUMMY", as it smells like fresh vanilla with a hint of baby powder I think - it's the perfect gift for the next holiday bath pampering time:)

 (Photo Credit: evolve)

This two evolve products for your daily hand care routine would be perfect for this season, as it gives your hands the needed moisture, are fragranced with exotic Japanese Yuzu and protects your skin against free radicals with Goji berry. Aloe Vera nourishes your hands and calms irritations (for more information click).

(Photo Credits. ARTDECO)

The third is a makeup news from ARTDECO - the brandnew autumn season Dita Von Teese Collection

 All Dita Von Teese blushes by ARTDECO are in pink-rose tones and the eyeshadows are from brown-/beige-/white to black-/dark blue tones - so you see, that the range is really wide!

For light/fairy skin tones, it's the perfect way, how to find the perfect makeup/foundation for your skin tone, as she (DVT) is also wearing light/fairy/porcelain foundation tones, you'll find a range in her collection:)

The lipstick/lipgloss as well as the nail polish range contains a huge amount of red tones, which is also a brand mark for her, and don't forget the Gel-Eyeliner in black, to re-create the perfect "Cateye-Lady" or "Pin-Up-Queen" for your next cinema or night trip:)

The last days the weather is really bad (it rains, blow or it gets REALLY cold!) so I've decided to go for some new spicy-cozy-christmas scented showergels, bodylotions, peelings and other body care pamperings and found these five brand new limited christmas seasonal body wash and care products at our local Yves Rocher store:)

What I've bought:

1. Pomme Delice Shower Gel (400 ml, ca. 4,95€) - scent: like christmas baked apples
2. Mauves Christallisees Shower Gel (300ml, ca. 1,95€) - scent: floral, sweet and a hint of rose and almond
3. Citron Vanille Shower Gel (300ml, ca. 1,95€) - scent: fresh, sweet, feminine with orange-/lemon oil and vanilla-absolute
4. Pomme Delice Body Peeling (100ml, ca. 4,95€) - scent: like christmas baked apples and sugar
5. Citron Vanille moisturizing hand cream (75ml, ca. 1,95€, I've got it as a gift 50ml!) 

It's a really nice feeling, during your bath all scents are soo cozy and especially the Pomme Delice Shower Gel (which is my fav inclusive the body peeling:)) makes you feel, as you would sit in Santas bathroom:)

I'm a huge fan of christmas scents and other limited edition body care products, so it was already time to try something new out, I can't wait until christmas, it's sooo exciting:)

If you would like have more information about these products or about the brand - YVES ROCHER check out your own YR country site:

I hope that you've enjoyed my "Monday-beauty/makeup and body care news" post and wish you a nice evening.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Liebster Award

Hi guys:)

thank you soo much for following my blog:)  and I wanna say a special : "Thank you soo much!" to Bella, she has nominated me for "The Liebster Award" on her blog, and I'll answer her queastions for me in this special post about "The Liebster Award":)

First of all - "What's "The Liebster Award"?

"Liebster" is a German word, that means "dearest" and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging:) - So I was totally happy and glad to take part:) 

If you would like to be involved too, you should follow some rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog
4. Each person posts 11 things about themselves, answer the questions the nominate have asked and create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate.
5. Choose 11 people and link them to your post & inform them of their nomination:)

About Me:

1. I've two sisters and three brothers.
2. I love everything from Great Britain, the culture, people and the lovely city London:)
3. I'm a czech girl, with relatives in prague (czech republic), austria (where I was born), and of course my grandpa has lived over 50 years in Arizona (USA)
4. I love to watch romantic movies and all christmas movies - Serendipity is my fav one (John Cusack is one of the best - he's the best male Hollywood actor for me!)
5. I would really like to have a white/yellow lab puppy in the future:)
6. Music - aspecially singing is one of my biggest passions (also like to act:)) but I try everything to get the chance to make such a creative work:)
7. During my whole junior- and high- school (6 until 13 years) I was teased/mobbed by my classmates, 'cause I was a stranger/foreign person - this lesson has prepared me and make me stronger for my further life, I'm able to judge if someone means something honestly or not!
8. Flat or House- definitely house - love to have my privacy and for someone who sing (aslo in the late evening) it's better to live slightly away from the neighbors:)
9. My personal fav scent (since I was 13!) - Le Premier Parfum - Eau de Parfum by Lolita Lempicka
10. "Never give up your true goal and fight for it until you reach it, 'cause you live only once!" - that's my personal saying, which keeps me moving forward!

My questions from Bella:

1. What made you start a blog? 

I've never managed to write a short story/message, so I've decided to start a blog, where all my inspirations will have their own space and noone, would grade/mark it:) Oh and also, because I'm not a native English girl, so I've taken the chance to become better in written English - by the way my speaken English is fluently and not so bad as my written English:)

2. What's your favourite brand of nail varnish?

Mmmh I've different brands of nail polishes but I would say my drugstore brand would be Max Factor and Essie and my High-End brand Dior.

3. Do you have a hair care tip or product you always use?

After I've washed my hair, I always let them air dry - I don't use or have a blow-dryer, 'cause it makes your hair (if you've wavy or curly hair as I've) really dry and frizzy and I don't use a special treatment as I'm always trying some new stuff out, but I love the chamomile baby shampoo that's great for natural blond hair!

4. Is there a blog that inspires you?

Oh I've so many blogs, which I'm reading a lot, but noone would really inspire me, only in some parts and my fav one would be zoella (cause she's a girl as you and I:)) and of course sprinkleofglitter or fleurdeforce oh and beautycrush aswell:)

5. Have you ever considered makin youtube videos or if you already do what made you start?

I've already since an half year my own youtube channel named: NIKA80sLife - where I'm singing my own songs and covers and hope to get more followers too:) But it's not a beauty/fashion channel, it's really only for my singing part:)

6. What is your dream career?

Since I was a little girl (ca. 4 years old) I've not changed my dream work/job, it's music - singing, acting - work in a very creative team with people who has the same passion and love as I've:)

7. What is your favourite fashion piece to wear at the moment?

My lovely Levis slim jeans, which I've bought last year in N.Y.:)

8. What mascara do you thing is the best one to use?

Believe it or not, but I don't own any mascara! It's strange, but that's the only makeup thing, which I wouldn't wear on myself, I really disgust mascaras and I don't know why:)

9. Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Lipstick, as I prefer the classic way but if I'm on the way for a trip or a weekend shopping I would apply some pink or red-tone lipgloss or just some lipbalm:) My fav Lipstick color would be each red-tone (dark to light) and pink and dark tones as I've a really fairy skin tone:)

10. Favourite book?

Mmmmh I would say "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks (but I love each of his books!)

11.What is your holy grail makeup item that you couldn't live without?

Pressed powder and my Bobbi Brown lip-palette Est. 1991:)

I would like to nominate my fav blogger, which have all together such lovely blogs:

3. Zoella

My Questions for my nominates:

1. Which makeup item did you apply only once and never use again?
2. Where would you live for the rest of your life?
3. Christmas is near - which special childhood "christmas eve" memory did you have and won't never forget?
4. Who's your fav' actor (female/male) and which song you would listen again and again, if you would not know what to do during a breakup with your love?
5. What's your most expensive makeup tool (brush, mirror, eyelash curler....)?
6. Dog or cat - which pet you would reather like to have?
7. Do you believe on signs and fortune?
8. Who/which blogger has the best inspiration for your blog and you/your life?
9. What's your personal saying/slogan, which keeps you moving forward?
10. What's your beauty advice, during a long flight?
11. My last question would be: Which movie, makes it hard for you not to cry?

Would be really happy, if you would let me know, after you've taken part and have finished your post and wanna thank you all again!!!!

Hope, that you've enjoyed this post and see you soon.



Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi guys:),

I've promised you, that I'll show you how the new "Golden Wonder" bath bomb from LUSH looks like in your bathtub:

It was really funny and fast, and it really has a nice scent (spicy and fresh touch). I was also amazed about the little stars, which completely dissolved after I've touched them, and the blue water has included golden dust, which looks really luxurious! I would buy it again, but maybe another one, as I'm always looking for new stuff:)

Last week I went also to Vienna, where I've visited lots of shops and streets and made these pic's - which should inspire me and maybe you for the next trip/fashion haul:):

I also went to L'Occitane - where I've looked after a new handcream and look at those cute decoration in the shop-window:

After a while I've also found the new MAC "Glamour Daze" Collection:

 I hope that you've enjoyed this short but "pictury" post and see you soon.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Autumn Bucket List Part 2

Hi guys:),

late autumn is here, christmas will come and as I've started 11 days ago, my own Autumn Bucket List (here). Now I would like to show you my fav makeup for the next cold days (I'm wearing such looks really often now:)) and I hope that you'll like this special "Blue Sense Look":

With "Blue Sense" I mean, that the cold winter days will come and christmas isn't far away, so that this Makeup-look will be a good idea to celebrate this season:)

Now I should show you my "Decor/Decoration" part of my Autumn Bucket List - but guys, unfortunately it's like a "Autmn-Christmas Decor Haul/Idea", because christmas seems to be everywhere (drugstore, furniture/decor shop, bookstore....):

I really love such decor items, the wooden/glass votive candle holder with stars seems to be really cute on a  fireplace in your livingroom:), or the cute christmas special candle lamps and dishes/tablets from Yankee Candle seems to be really festive and cozy for your "Home sweet Home". But I've also found a new essie nail polish in the shade "We're in together", which is from the new "Breast cancer awareness" collection, and worth each penny, as it's for a good thing!!!! And the new eyeshadows by catrice ("spectaculART by CATRICE - Pure Chrome" - price: each 3,99€) 

Oh, and you can see that BRONNLEY soaps has made two new christmas/holiday soaps, which came in a highly (american) christmas style:) This triple-milled soaps have a festive, spice fragrance/scent enriched with spiced ginger to help moisturize and soften the skin.

My second decoration - which could be used from november to january are SNOWGLOBES:) Yes the old childhood-memories of my own:) I love Snowglobes, but only if they are the traditional ones, with old ornaments or "Vintage-Shabby" style and not the "Modern" ones, which has other figures inside like: rabbits, horses etc. . Yesterday, when I was looking for some books in our local bookstore, I've found these cute snowglobes in each size:

They are really cute - or not???? The special one (which isn't really a snowglobe but also cute), seems to be a teapot, but after you've opened the cup, you see snowmens dancing:) O.K., this decoration wouldn't find any place at my "homey" but the snowglobe with the small girl and her family (above at the right side) seems to be a "Victorian-Style" snowglobe, which I would really like to buy at next.

And I've found one of "Santa's little helper" - Reindeer Comet or was it an other one:):

Oh you see, that I'm get a really bad "Christmas-Illness" so I'm sorry, that my autumn decoration is a mixture of organic wood materials (like the votive candle holder:)) and lots of christmas decorations for the next "Most Wonderful Time of the Year":) 

My fav autumn meal (3-dishes):

1. Pumpkin Spice Roasted Butternut Squash (like this one):

Oh my god, guys, it's just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, you won't believe how delicious it is after a long day, and you watch your fav movie, the fireplace is on and you just wanna to relax. And it's full of healthy vitamins, and low calorie (so it's a perfect meal before christmas time will start:))

I really do the same recipe, as the one from "Shatzi" but I'm not adding any sugar, because I don't like it to have sweet (as it's not a dessert for me, just a meal:)) And if you don't have any Country Crock Pumpkin Spice at home, that doesn't matter, because I'm making my own "Butternut Pumpkin Spice for Roasting" at home, it's another fresh alternative and it will take you a long time to prepare it:) 

What you'll need for the "Butternut Pumpkin Spice": 1 tsp. green pepper, 1 tsp. dry ginger, 1-2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. nutmeg, 1 tsp. cinnamon and you can also add a 1/2 tsp. of dry or fresh cilantro. And you're ready to spice your butternut pumkin with your homemade "Butternut Pumpkin Spice"!

Sometimes (no always:)) I also don't cut the butternut pumpkin/squash into small pieces, just cut in half and pull out the pumpkin kernels (which we don't won't to have:))

2. Autumn Salad with fresh apples and pomegranates and nuts (pecans are my fav one:)) by Wolfgang Puck:

I really like fresh salads, and during cold months, it's a perfect way how to keep yourself healthy and fit for the winter season. And as I've no pic to show you, how it looks like on my table, I've found a "vid" on youtube - the original WP "Autumn Salad with fresh apples and pomegranate" instruction:

It's a really "Yummy" salad/meal, which I could eat each day:) And please note, that pomegranate is good for your heart (it reduces heart disease risk factors including LDL oxidation, and foam cell formation), reduce systolic blood pressure, throat, perfect during a diet, provides about 16% of an adult's daily vitamine C per 100ml serving, a good source of vitamine B5, high-fiber. Pomegranate also contains extracts, which have antibacterial effects against dental plaque. Nuts have the needed fat - but healthy fat, which is good for your hair, nails and skin!

3. Victorian Sponge Cake (recipe from Jamie Oliver) - this cake tastes amazing, the perfect cake for long afternoon teas with your family and friends:):

 This was my first "Victorian Sponge Cake" ever (I've baked this cake by myself - without help:)) and I must say, that it doesn't look so bad, as I thought at first:) I've "pimped" this cake up with 2 ingrediences: for the decoration - I've used sugar and golden powder (with real gold!!!!) and for the filling I've made my own "Victorian Dream Cream":)

 If you would like to make the same "Victorian Dream Cream" - you'll need:
1/2 cup of curd cheese (light/low fat)
2 tablespoons of cream cheese (Original Philadelphia)
1-2 tsp. vanilla sugar
1-2 tsp. vanilla extract - I'm using the NIELSEN-MASSEY Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract   (which is one of the best organic vanilla extracts I've ever tested/used!!!!)
3-4 tsp. white sugar

Instruction: Mix the curd cheese with the cream cheese until you'll get a smooth consistency and add all other ingrediences together and mix again until you'll get a smooth, lightly sweet "Victorian Dream Cream". This cream shouldn't be too sweet, as you'll use also a strawberry or raspberry jam/spread, I've used a Vanilla-strawberry preserve also with a hint of organic vanilla extract and this spread is a sweet enough to be a perfect couple with my own "Victorian Dream Cream":)

I hope that you have enjoyed the second part of my own "Autumn Bucket List" and hope to see you guys later:)