Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Hi everybody,

here's my last product test for today:-)

It's about Jane Iredale's the amazing product range!!! - Yes I am fully amazed about this high quality products which were found by the president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics - Jane Iredale.
 Here is a short cut from the "About us" on the official J.I. Site:

She started as a casting director working in television commercials with models like Lauren Hutton, Jaclyn Smith and Cybill Shepherd and then in film and television with actresses like Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Among many others, she worked with Francis Ford Coppola on The Outsiders, Steven Spielberg on The Color Purple and all major television networks, as well as the BBC.

The company was formed in 1994 and her background  had been in film, theatre and television.

You can fully read it on the her website: http://www.janeiredale.com/janeiredale.html

So you see that this make up brand is since 18 years on the market and it always shows the best quality and wide range of products.

Here is a collage of my pieces - For which I am proud:-):

All pics belongs to me!!!

My personal opinion about this products and experiences:

At first let me tell you that all of my pieces were really good delivered from the J.I. Distributor/Seller "MEDICOSMETICS http://www.medicosmetics.com/index.php in Kitzbühel - AUSTRIA.
(And the consumer service is also really polite/competent and dedicated if you have any questions or other askings:-))

These are the pieces which I have:

EyeSteppes - goWarm and goBlue
Mystikols Eye Shadow Pencils
(Citrine, Aquamarine,Malachite, Onyx, Dark Topaz, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst)
Perfectly Nude Eye Shadow Kit
Just Kissed Lipstick - Forever Pink
Lip Fixation - Devotion
Lip Stick - Erin (Pink)

I am fully amazed about these products my fav piece at the moment is EyeSteppes - goWarm and Perfectly Nude Eye Shadow Kit and of Course the Mystikols Eye Shadow Pencils and the other one:-)

Yea I already tried so many styles and I'll put/post the next day some make up pics of my styling creations on my blog:-)

This brand is so luxury and highquality that I've not note some negative points until yet, only that some brushes which are inside the Mystikols Eyeshadow Pencils are different formed:-)

But that's not a minus:-) I would recommend it really - it's one of the best brands I've seen in the past!!!
(Sure it's not the cheapest - it's high priced but you may be sure that you will buy a high quality product with a luxury touch:-))

So I'll post some pics the next days to show you how to apply on some 80's looks and other one and I wish you all a nice afternoon.




I'm back, with my third product test:-)

Now I'll describe and speak about the organic cosmetic/make up from EVERYDAY MINERALS

The founder of this amazing brand/company is Carina Menzies, she believes thatall-natural makeup products should not cost a fortune. (And she's right:-)) All pieces from E.M. have the  No Animal Testing Promise and the are manufactured in Texas Austin - USA. (I don't know whether all pieces but the blush and eyeshadows which I have are from Texas!!!)

Here is a collage of my fav pieces:

All pieces belongs to me!!!

I've tested it and you'll see here on my blog some further post with this products in the future (I'll post some pics of my styling make up tutorials - which are inspired by the 80's:-))

My opinion about E.M.:

At first let me tell you that the eye brush is soooooooooooooooo soft and it looks really nice - really good quality (I hope for long:-)).

The blush which I've is really lightly shimmer rose tone and it's called "Pink Ribbon". Since I've got it I put it maybe each second day on my cheeks and eyes (yes eyes, it's also a really good eyeshadow - and I've also tried to put it on my lips with a bit lip balm and gloss!!!) - this product is really, really and really good.

The four eyeshadow which I've got with the brush (it was a eyeshadow set which's called: Vintage Girl Kit - the name is so cute:-)). The white color I basically use for the undertone and the second step is to put on the light lilac tone on the outside of my eyes and the third step is to put on a little bit of the dark lilac and a little really little one of the darkest one. You'll have nice retro eyes:-)

But I will post the next days some pics of my eyes - how I've put on the shadows. 

As I am a person which is always on the hunt for organic and the latest one make up products and fragrances, inspirations and other things you'll see on my blog - I always look for something new:-)

P.S.: Here is the store wherefrom I've my EVERYDAY MINERALS products/pieces:

It's a really friendly online store wherefrom you will get very fast and well shipped goods - I will recommend this store and this products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also hope that you have a nice day - today:-)

See you later,

Alva Naturkosmetik*


a new week and new inspirations:-)

Here is my second product revision , and it's about an liquid eyshadow from Alva in the color Nr. 5 which is a lightly lilac/violet/purple tone. And because this little one is an organic make up product, it should be best before 6 months.

And last but not least it's made in italy.

So here is my opinion to this product:

At first let me tell you that the color is amazing:-) Yea I thought that it would be grey (at the first moment) but after I've put it on my eyes I was fully amazed about the shiny/glimmery and lightly color. When I apply the liquid eyeshadow on my eyes it was a little bit coolish which was really pleasant:-)

Yea I also have got some samples of anti aging creams which I've given to my mum (I didn't need such products at the moment:-)).

So I must say that I'm really satisfied with this product and I would also recommend it, because it makes your eyes shine bright:-)

Here is a collage of the product I've got:
All pics belongs to me:-)

Alva is a german cosmetic company - here's the link: http://www.alva.de/

I hope you've enjoyed my second post about my experience with this products.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

AKZENT direct Nail Polishes

My first beauty inspiration:-)


I'm back on my lovely blog with an inspiration - beauty inspiration and my personal opinion about these products (nail polishes & cream & nail file) from AKZENT direct.

Some pics:-)
These pic is owned by myself:-)

My personal opinion about the AKZENT direct products:

1. The Vital Hand Cream smells very well!!! (it has a mixture of lightly cotton scent with fresh light floral scents) - I'll recommend it - it makes your skin softly and your nails will also thank you (they will get stronger:-))
2. The All in One Nail Polish is an clear Polish which I used very often since I've got it (my nails gets stronger and they also growth a little bit - I have got this products last week!!!)
3. The "Timeless" pastel/cotton pink nail file  cames with a very nice packaging, yes I was really amazed that this file looks as before I've seen it on the website of AKZENT direct.
But I haven't used them until now, because I've other fails which I must to use ( no it's only excuse - because this nail file is too cute to use it:-))
4. And last but not least the nail polishes - this is hard for me to say but only Nr. 74 which is the light blue one shows the quality which I've thought about all of them:-( I didn't know why this is my final opinion about the polishes but try it - maybe I've got some which were too fluidy - yea really it takes maybe more than 10 minute to make my nails well, the polishes are really runny, but please note that I've it since one week so they couldn't be old!!!

So the blue one Nr. 74 has a very amazing/magical color, if you put on your nails the first coat you'll see that it's very light and clear with a lightly blue background and shimmer which changes the color in the loom(light). I would recommend to put on 2 or 3 very thin coats so that you will have lovely lightly blue shimmer summer nails:-) - This is my fav polish this spring!!!

But I'm sorry but the other 3 colors hasn't  got the quality, which I've expected, because they split according to a/one day!!!

My opinion is that maybe AKZENT direct could work a little bit on the consistency/texture of their polishes to make it a little bit less runny:-) but apart from that I'll buy the cream (Vital Hand Cream) and maybe also the All in One Nail Polish in the future - they are really good!!!

Open here - if you're interested in AKZENT direct products:


I hope you'll like my first product test  statement and hope you'll read my next one:-)


Friday, 9 March 2012

80's in 2012


today I'm gonna to show you how "In" the fashion of the 80's today is!!!

Look at these pics and you'll see that maybe some pieces that you've forgotten to have or your mum has worn in the past could be Must-Haves:

Photo Credits: http://eu.dvf.com/sale/dresses/sale-dresses,default,sc.html

Yea this are the couture's of Diane von Fürstenberg:-)

Spring 2012, Resort 2012, Pre-Fall 2012, Fall 2012

I hope you'll have a nice day!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ballerina Bun:-)


today I tried out this Ballerina Bun - it's not perfect but I tried it:-):

All pics are mine!!!

So how do you find it??? Here's the link to "The Beautydepartment" - Youtube Tutorial:

We have 2 C/ 35.6 F outside (that's not really a warm spring) but the sun is shinning:-)


here I'm again, with some nice phrases of Daniela Katzenberger  (she's a very popular person in Germany,US) and they are about love:

"Liebe ist das Bedingungslose, scheißegal was passiert, ich bleibe trotzdem mit dem zusammen – dieses Geben und Neben, wie Ying und Yang."

"ICH LIEBE DICH – Für mich sind das drei Wörter, die mir heilig sind und ich sag das nicht einfach so zu jemand"

"Mein absolutes Traumdate würde so aussehen: Wenn ich zu ihm heimkomme (oder er kommt zu mir ) gucken wir Forrest Gump und futtern Popcorn."

Yea and her motto is: 
„Geh niemals einen Schritt zurück – höchstens um Anlauf zu nehmen!“

You can read more such phrases on her blog:
or on her website:

Have a nice day,


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

And the fourth (and last for today:-)) - Don't make me over:

I hope you have time to write me your opinion:-)

Have a nice afternoon.


And the third one - Try to sleep with a broken heart

I hope you'll send me your opinions!


Monday, 5 March 2012


here is a pic of menorca - Arenal de Castell where I was in summer 2010 with my mum (july/august):

All pics are mine!!!

My mum love this balearic island!!! Yea and I love it too, this is a special place to chill and have a dream summer and the sea is real light blue or turquoise (it's true I don't use any program to make it lighter!!!)

The dark pic is from the disco/club in cova d'en xoroi it's in Alaior - Menorca (the atmosphere there is really amazing, but if you are there in the night as we were, you see outside the club nothing, because it's so dark:-)

Here's the link to the club:

I have also bought last year a spanish dictionary ( I know a year after my vacation:-) but I'm sure that I could need the language for the future:-)

But I don't need to learn it really, because I speak fluently german ( I was born and I live in Austria:-)), english and czech ( Yea I'm a czech) and now I'm learning french at school but I don't really command this language it's too difficult for me:-)

So that was all I hope you'll like this post too as you maybe like the last one.


It is a very cold, bad and eh weather, but I'm still happy (how can that be???) maybe because my good mark at the last revision at school or maybe  because I've create some collages of myself:-):

Yea I'm really a freaky person (he,he,he) you'll see that I've no make-up only a lipstick (Bobbi Brown colors from the Limited Edition Bobbi B. 1991 Lip Palette, I don't now which one because I've mixed it:-))

Now let me show you also some of my London Pics from march/april 2010 (I know they are old but I love them and the photos are memories for me - my sweet time in London!!!)

All photo's in this post are mine!!!

Yea 2010 I was with my brother in London (I was 16), that was really funny!!!

I love the brit flair & style, lifestyle and I also try always to learn write better in english:-)

So I hope you've a better weather.

See you later,


nice good morning (it's 6:43:-)) I know I must change the time at my blog but now let me tell you about something, which is a little bit more interesting. About the best (they are my favorites) music websites:

1. First:
The Rolling Stone Magazine http://www.rollingstone.com/  (where you can find the latest news, albums, ...)
2. Second:
Billboard.com http://www.billboard.com/#/ (I like to read it often:-), but Rolling Stone M. is better I think, Billboard is the "Charts&Video" Site)
3. Universal Music - Newcomer http://www.universal-music.de/kuenstler/newcomer (I want be also there!!!)
4. The Official Charts Company (my second favorite site after R.S.M.!!!) http://www.theofficialcharts.com/

Yea that was all:-)

I was also in London 2 years ago (2010 - april/march) and that was amazing, I'll post here also some of my private pics soon!!!

Something to smile:-):

John Mulaney - Terrible Driver

So I'll write my next post maybe in some hours.

Wish you a nice day,

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I also talked you that one of my hobbies are to travel, here is a photo-collage of some pic that I've taken by my own i N.Y. last september 2011!!!

A new inspiration & world for me:-)
All photos belongs to me!!! NIKA (I've taken it with my digital photo cam Olympus FE-320:-))

And here I was also - on the great sunny Coney Island (September 2011):

You can feel the fresh ocean breeze:-)
The photo belongs to me!!! NIKA (I've taken it with my digital photo cam Olympus FE-320:-))

So bye,


this are some very highly styled and "Retro/Vintage"-Beauty-Must Haves (for me:-)):

Photo Credits: Benefit Cosmetics

And if you are searching for a very good treatment for Nail growth then you should try this magical cream, which is called " BIO-H-TIN" it's very soft and dry very fast after you have massaged it on your cuticle over the nails and on the nails, yea a have stopped biting my nails last month and now I am wondering why they are growing so fast (yea I see really a better resulation, and I've tried a few of such products but this one is amazing!!!):
Photo Credits: Bio-H-Tin

Yea and now let me tell you what are my chart's for this week (from the 80's):
Aztec Camera - Somewhere in my heart:
 Sinitta - Toy Boy:
Kylie Minogue - I should be so lucky:
Phil Collins - Sussudio:
Glenn Medeiros - Nothing's gonna change my love for you:
The Pointer Sisters  - Jump:
Phil Collins - You can't hurry love:
Evelyn King - Love come down:
Donna Summer - The woman in me:

Yea that all:-)

So have a nice day,

here I'm again. Now I'll show you some nice pieces from the 80's:

http://typischich.at/home/beauty/haare/644030/Hairstyles_SpringSummer-2011?index=14, http://www.friseur-fragen.de/wissen/alcina-dualis-trendfrisuren-fruhjahrsommer-2011-by-paul-gehring/2980, http://www.mattel.de/spielzeug/presseinformation/Fashionikone_Barbie/1233585366/y, http://lifestyle.de.msn.com/beauty/bilder.aspx?cp-documentid=149805914&page=43, http://www.petra.de/galerie/beauty-trends-2011, http://www.rp-online.de/gesellschaft/mode/in-london-sind-die-80er-zurueck-1.1925540, http://www.vongestern.com/2012_02_01_archive.html



So I try also wrapped up my wardrobe and search for some of such pieces:-)


Saturday, 3 March 2012


again, this is my last post for today (I mean it real!!!).

Yes and it's about music:

Here is my favorite song of the week (from the 80's):

 Aretha Franklin - I knew you were waiting

Best Album - Week 1:

Adele 21

Best "Vintage" Song (with Vintage I mean years 50's, 60's or 70's you know):
Dionne Warwick - Don't make me over


here I'm again and want to show you my WEEK Favorites:

And as I was a little bit inspired by GLEE (yes I'm a fan of this TV-Phenomenon):

(Photo Credits: Fox / Glee, Pinterest)

Yes and what I should also say - Beauty:

The nail polish from Anny - Colour 440 green parrot, isn't very long lasting, I put it on my nails yesterday and today  the colour was a little bit off at all my nails!!!

Maybe it's because I wasn't wearing a Topcoat, which could fix it (do you think so???)

See you,

here is my first post (it's amazing:-) I don't know what I should write at first, maybe something about beauty, or the 80's or about music. Mmmmh, or maybe about " What's the weather like?" (no that was a joke:-). So you'll see in the next time more post like this but also some which are really about beauty, my own inspirations and my music and of the 80's.

Yes, I'm not very old to be such a 80's fan, but I don't know, maybe it's because I think that this time was the best for music, fashion and lifestyle. It wasn't such a fast time, as it is now, but people were more creative (like designers - fashion) it was a special time. Beauty is another chapter at my blog, I began to put on make-up one year ago (and I'm almost 19!!!) yea I'm really naturally, I don't need to get out of home with a second face, you know what I mean???

I think it's really essential to find the right balance, to be not over rouged but rather it should looks like you were without make up, unless you are putting on your night make up.

So and music will be my third chapter on this blog (maybe the most importend for me), I will posed something about my favorite singers/bands and about charts but also about my singing, maybe somebody will listen to the songs that I will put on it (they are not my own songs, because I write songs but I've not playing instruments!!!)

Inspirations are things, which reminds you on something, or which let you create your own things/person, and sometimes they are only trends:-) So maybe you will like it and maybe don't , because I'll not show trends, I'll show my own choice of fashion, lifestyle and new things. 

Yes, that was that I want to tell you at my first post:-)

I wish each of you a nice afternoon,