Thursday, 10 August 2017


Hi guys,

while I'm currently drinking a nice cup of tea (it's a ginger spiced herbal tea, for all who are wondering:)) and I'm also typing this post, which is kinda about my latest shower gel obsession. I know, I know, usually I do prefer taking nice hot baths, nothing changed - I'm really a bath tub girl but I totally felt in love with Original Source Foaming Shower Gels*, which have motivated me quite a lot to take more showers. Especially with the delicious tropical pineapple* scent, I haven't a problem to shower twice a day (hahahaha, well you should already know me:)).

Original Source - Foaming Shower Gels "Pineapple"* & "Lemon & Lime"* - 200 ml

They are available in each good stored drugstore like: dm or Müller (in Austria and Germany, for UK I'd recommend Boots or Asda). As they contain 10 times more foam than regular shower gels do - I'd suggest to use just a hazelnut (or if you like it extra foamy a tablespoon) sized portion.

Ingredients of Original Source "Pineapple" foaming shower gel:

The first time I took a shower with one of Original Source foaming shower gels* I haven't used an hazelnut sized or table spoon portion, as I've simply ignored the label (couldn't believe the "10 times more foam!" writing on the packaging itself) and that's not a joke, I really haven't seen such an amount of foam in my whole life! I had to shower my whole bathtub, as there has been so much foam left, inside the tub after I took the shower,that it took me more than 3 minutes to get rid of it.  Therefore try to use a tiny bit of  these foaming shower gels, less is definitely more!

Ingredients of Original Source "Lemon & Lime" foaming shower gel:

They come in 3 different scents: 

"raspberry" (which I've not tried out yet)

All contain natural fruit scents (not the cheap artificial tutti frutti scents - if you know what I mean?:)), are vegan friendly and honestly one of the most foaming shower gels I've tried out until yet.

Some of you guys, who are following me and reading my blog for a loooong time, you probably know, that the "Vanilla & Raspberry" shower gel is one of my fav' shower gels from Original Source whole shower gel collection.

But about these extra foamy shower gels I'm really surprised, as they do not left me any irritation (which happens quite often, when I try out some new products, especially on my knees and arms), so the foam is really gentle. In fact my skin felt quite soft after using one of these foaming shower gels, which saved me quite a time, as I could skip applying my fav' body lotion as well as body oil. Also it's good for all of you, who need to save a bit more money, as this product will last you about 2-3 months, if you use it in small portions!:)

A great new Original Source foaming shower gel range, which will (hopefully) bring out more and more different scents, like limited seasonal edition (just thinking about "Mint meets Cranberry" would be nice:)).

Have you already tried them out? What's your fav' scent?


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