Sunday, 6 August 2017


Hi guys,

I've been working on my latest DIY project the last few weeks (and I'm sure, it will take me next few weeks until I will see the final result). As my sister got some simple wooden storage boxes in different sizes, I got an idea to create myself a wooden white storage box, which I'll place somewhere in my flat. First I was thinking about an unique handmade couch table, but due to, that this box is made of thin wood panels, which are sticked together with steel, I changed my plans and started to work on my new vinyl storage.

The beginning was quite simple: cleaning the whole wooden surface with biopin "power cleaner"*, which cleanses thoroughly and quickly all washable wooden surfaces and protects them as well as the environment against harsh chemicals, as it is really skin friendly (it even contains Jojoba oil!:)), ph-neutral and soap free, the whole recipe is based on a natural base.

biopin priming* (Grundieröl*) - 7.09 € / 0.375 liter (here)

After that I've started to spray all steel parts with a rosegold spray (which I bought at our local DIY store) and painted the whole wooden surface (inside and outside) with biopin priming oil*, which is a solvent-free, translucent primer. It can be used on wooden surfaces, which are located inside (for any outside painting like: garden furniture you'd need another product like biopin's "Garden Furniture Oil" or "Garden Furniture Paint"). I've seen, that the shade of the panels had been a bit recessed after applying and that the priming oil* is really breathable and leaves the wooden parts resistant against humidity influences.

On plaster and other mineral substrates, biopin priming oil* has a strengthening effect as well as reduces the absorbency. But while drying it leaves a strong scent, therefore I would recommend to paint and let the wooden surfaces dry outside (as long as they are movable). All or most of biopin products are environment friendly, suitable for children furniture and toys, 100% solvent-free, traditionally made with oils and aren't harsh, just if you've a very sensitive nose (like me:)) I'd recommend to leave them outside while drying.

You'll find the instruction on each biopin product, how long you have to wait until re-applying a further layer or how many hours you will need to let it dry.

biopin "topcoat"*/"Decklack"* (white) - 16.99 € / 0.75 liter (here)

Biopin "topcoat"* will give you the needed coverage, if you have some nasty stamps or signatures on the surface itself like I had, and the topcoat gives your furniture a nice satin gloss without using any dangerous chemicals, as it contains  vegetable oils and resins, which will ensure to create high-end paint (as it gives your surfaces a lasting elasticity but unfortunately it can be used just for inside paintings!) No matter whether wooden or metall/steel surfaces - biopin "topcoat"* gives your inner windows, doors, baseboards etc. the needed coverage, which lasts for ages. Make sure, that you'll let them dry outside or while leaving doors/windows open, as this "topcoat"* needs an high amount of oxygen to ensure a proper hardening of the paint itself.

But as it's a natural based paint without artificial coloring, you have to be aware as well about, that the white will turn slightly yellow by time - so at the end you won't have a plain snow white paint, as it will turn more ivory, which is perfect for shabby chic styled furniture!:)

I'm still not finished, you can see it on the bottom details as well as on the non-perfect rosegold finish, which I'll re-paint with a golden/rosegold paint in the next few weeks, as it didn't turn the way it should or the way I wanted.

That happens quite often if you try to do a DIY and you've got already the expectation and imagination about the final result and by the time you start to do it, you realize, that it may not turn exactly the way you wanted, but still I quite like it already and I'm looking forward to see the result as well as I'd really like to know from you guys, what you think about my latest project (this wooden vinyl box) - any advice or what should be changed?

I'm really glad, that I got the opportunity to work together with biopin, to try their less chemical paints, topcoats, primers etc. for my project, as it has shown me, that we don't need harsh ingredients to ensure a full coverage or smooth paint, which will give our furniture a high-end finish, with the right amount of glossiness and long lasting quality.


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