Monday, 24 July 2017


Hi guys,

squares, stripes and dots, all are quite old-fashion and up to date. Honestly they are all timeless, stripes will stay and become modern in each decade as well as squares and dots, we just love them like our grand-grand-grand parents have loved them and they will be loved by our future family members too. So it's simply always a good idea to wear them as well as for example to drink out of these cute  4 golden dot mugs from Tchibo:

Tchibo 4 golden dot mug set* - 19.99 € (available now in all Tchibo shops and online until 31.7.17)

The mugs have the perfect size for a cup of fresh brewed espresso, small cocoa / hot chocolate with a huge mountain of cream on the top....

....or a latte, which I've pimped up with some milk foam , white choc' hearts and some golden sprinkles - they totally match the golden dots!:)

One of the most important things at all, while buying new mugs, bowls, dishes and other kitchen tools today, is that they are dishwasher safe!:) Honestly, as I haven't a dishwasher yet, I couldn't test it out, but I'm sure it will stay safe:) Tchibo sells good quality fine china products, that's what I could recognize by time, after using some of Tchibo's porcelain in the past (from their past collections) and they all look, even after using them since almost 3-4 years, quite new!

So I'm looking forward to see, how long these 4 cute golden dot mugs* will last & you guys let me know, what you think about this mug set from the latest Tchibo "dots collection". 

If you like it, hurry up, as I'm sure it won't last long in the shelves:)!


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