Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Hi guys,

a further Sun & Tan post, where I would like to let you know a bit more about rivelles "Hemp Protect Sun Cream*, which I've started to use last week. It is an organic natural sun cream, vegan friendly and gentle to ultra sensitive skin. It helps to calm down sun burned or irritated skin, as well as it comes with a LSF/SPF 30, perfect for light to dark skin type.

 rivelles "Hemp Protect Sun Cream"* - 19.00 €

It doesn't leave my skin oily, like other sun lotions sometimes do, I assume as it contains zinc, which avoids to leave a greasy texture (imagine all the surfer zinc creams, they all are more on the dry side) but it keeps your skin moisturized, soft and let your skin breath naturally under the sun protection.

Hemp oil helps to recover your sun burned skin as well as keeps your skin safe against fast  sun burn . It also contains vitamin E and chlorophyll, which helps to avoid wrinkles (a natural anti-aging ingredient) on your skin, fades scars as well as treats hyperpigmentation and avoids further problems with dermatitis.

The application itself is quite easy and blends really well (in compare to some other natural sun creams!) and leaves no white lines, as long as you've not to re-apply it twice or more than 3 times per day, make sure to have a shower or swim in the sea, before applying a new layer, as it would leave lines like on the pic below. It doesn't mean, that this product is lower quality, no in fact a lot of, or most of organic natural sunscreens, leaves lines, due to zinc and other natural ingredients, which doesn't blend so well like other chemical harsh ingredients. But I though to mention it, before you'd be surprised while regarding white parts on your arms or legs while sun bathing.

 (2 layers, which I re-applied after a time beeing out in the sun)

Most of you, who have sensitive skin; like me on some parts, as well as don't like perfumed products, will get in love with this rivelles "Hemp Protection Sun Cream with LSF/SPF 30"* too, as it has a very light scent, almost unrecognizable, perfect while wearing your fav' perfume.

Now to the most important part, as this and other rivelles products are handmade in Austria, they aren't currently available all around the glob but if you've friends, family or if you're currently on vacation here - you can buy this rivelles "Hemp Protection Sun Cream with LSF/SPF 30"* online at their official rivelles webstore (here) or in their official store in Linz.


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