Thursday, 20 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've let you know (here in this post) about an high-end natural organic and vegan cosmetic brand founded and made in the Vienna Woods called rivelles. Today I would like to talk a bit about their "hydro lip balm"*, which is completely vegan and gives your lips the needed moisture plus it doesn't leave a unpleasant greasy feeling on your lips, which some natural lip care products do (trust me I've tried quite a lot already:)).

I found their recycling packaging, made of wooden chips, quite interesting, well it gives the lipbalm itself a good protection of dirt but as it's a natural product you should use it up by 6 months. 

rivelles "hydro lip balm"* - 12.00 €

Even if the lipbalm looks yellow in the tin, it doesn't contain bee wax and it's translucent while applying it on your lips!:) I would recommend this lipbalm even for sensitive skin types, due to, that it doesn't contains harsh chemicals and it's unscented.

A great natural lip treatment, which prevends aging of your lip skin, Raspberry seed oil leaves your lips soft, moisturized and gives them the needed elasticity to avoid deep wrinkles (well I can hardly tell at the age of 24:)) .


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