Monday, 31 July 2017


Hi guys,

have you ever felt like your daily tooth care routine, while using toothpaste, mouth wash (daily or at least weekly) and dental floss (daily), isn't a 100% teeth protection against plaque and bacteria?!

Ringana created a tooth oil*, which helps to bind the bad bacteria inside of your oral cavity, while oil pulling.

Since almost 2 years I've been using most of the time natural (fluoride free) tooth pastes, I use regular dental floss (non natural and yeah it contains, unfortunately, quite often fluoride) and mouthwash (most of the time natural with tea tree or other anti-bacterial ingredients). But due to, that I'm a Vegetarian who's drinking quite a lot of tea and coffee - my teeth tends to get sometimes slightly the unpleasant yellow shade. Most of the time this problem is solved by my natural toothpaste, but I'm thinking about more protection against acids and a higher protection of the dental strength.

You can also replace your toothpaste with Ringana's tooth oil*, while high-end herbal extracts like: 

mint oil, javan yellow, anise oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil

protects your teeth against dental caries, periodontosis and bad breath, the polish cleanses your teeth in a very mild way.

 Ringana Tooth Oil* - 12.99 € / 125 ml

I've to tell, that it was a bit strange to start oil pulling, as I've never done it before! And also the scent has quite turned me off the first time, as it is quite a bit strong, but after 2-3 times of pulling I get used to it (as mint and all other natural herbal ingredients aren't really smelling bad, it's just a bit more concentrated) 

As I'm currently drinking also much more sparkling water and herbal tea I've not seen any difference of the teeth whitening result until yet, but I'm sure I'll see it after using it a bit longer (as I've started to use it 4 days ago).

For more informations check out Ringana homepage, where you'll find more informations about this product as well as about other natural body care/facial care products.


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