Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hi guys,

I've tried a mio. (well maybe not a mio. but a lot) different anti-transpirants and they were gentle to my skin, they haven't caused skin irritations but some of them had no perfume, some have been fragranced but had the typical artificial scent, some had even the scent like car trees (I'm allergic to car trees!). It's quite hard to find the right anti-transpirant in the jungle of different types of deodorants and scents. That's why I still switch beside 2 types (spray and roll-on), usually I do prefer flower or powder-ish scents and honestly I've always prefered limited editions.

NIVEA "Flower Time"* anti-transpirant - 1.99€

I know, I know.... Limited Edition means limited time - means not available forever, simply said they are available just for a certain time. But maybe that's what makes it so special to me, it gives me really the needed pamper while having a long day at work or while I'm giving myself an extra time during pampering. It also gives you an idea as well as the brand itself - which scents the consumer (we) prefer and which we don't or really hate (like the scent of car tree air fresheners).

Nivea created beside the fruity "Hello Sunshine" and the fresh "Fresh Me Up" limited edition anti-transpirants a 3rd limited edition deodorant called "Flower Time!"*. It has a delighful scent, which reminds me on fresh cut flower bouquets, not the typical artificial flower scent like most anti-transpirants have and in fact it reminds me beside flowers on an high-end perfume (won't mention it). I've even worn it one day without applying my fav' perfume, and I've not felt "naked" without applying it!


After I've tried, already quite a lot of different Nivea deodorants in the past, out (my absolute favorite has been so far: 48h stress protect roll-on) I can just say, that their long-lasting anti-sweat 48h formula is incredible! But I've missed a scent like "Flower Time!"* as most of their scented deodorants have been fresh or fruity. Nivea finally created an high-end flower scent, which (I'm sure:)) some of you will totally fell in love with and will cry after it will be gone from the shelves. Limited Editions .... well sometimes it's quite a shame, that they aren't available for decades!:)


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