Sunday, 30 July 2017


Hi guys,

recently I've been taking more and more a shower instead of a bath. It's mainly due to, that I've not so much time, after spending my day out, to enjoy the sun, or on the road (while visiting new or well known places:)) and also because it's simply very hot right now!:)

Nivea "Favorite Showergel - Flower Magic" (Limited Edition)* - 1.79 €

During the last two weeks I've been using up most of my shower gels (well most of the bottles where already half  used up) as well I've almost run out of that very delicate shower gel from Nivea called "Flower Magic"*.

Due to its creamy texture it covers your whole body into a rich foam while taking a shower or a medium foam bath. As the almond milk and Hydra IQ calms down and stimulates already irritated skin types, it can be used for very dry, sensitive and irritated skin. I've usually normal skin, but I tend to get sensitive skin parts, mainly on my legs (mostly while shaving) or hands (including arms) and honestly I've not recognized any difference, so it doesn't burn or leaves my skin irritated - most of the time my skin felt softer than before, but I need to mention, that I also apply body lotion or any body butter or cream after taking a shower or bath. As without any after care my skin would get totally dry no matter which shower gel I'd use - I've to keep my body skin always moisturized to prevend dry skin or aging.


It has a very fresh flower scent, which is perfect as I prefer flower and powdery scents while Spring/Summer months and as it has a very high-end scent not that artifical cheap rose scent (if you know what I mean, with cheap flower scents) it is also definitely a favorite of mine at the moment!:)


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