Thursday, 20 July 2017


Hi guys,

the last days I've been really busy but still I've got time to browse and read through some of my recently fav' books, like this one from Lonely Planet called Spain* it's the ultimative travel guide for your next Spain trip! It doesn't contain just a ton (and with a ton I honestly mean a ton!:)) of different hotel, restaurant as well as sight seeing addresses but as well you'll be well informed about the history and facts of each part of Spain. 

Lonely Planet - Spain* 30.99 € (Austria) / 28.99 € (Germany)

It's definitely not just about Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia etc. it's more about the whole country itself, splitted in all parts but if you'd prefer to get more information about the specific one, I'd recommend you to use this book while having another travel guide just for the area, where you actually wanna go. But honestly, I found, that this book gives you enough informations and for more I just look on their official tourism portal (here).

Inside you'll find (on the last page) a city map including a tube/metro map of Barcelona, which you can unstitch from the book itself and use while your stay there. It honestly will save you time, from the first day in Barcelona, as you'll not have to wait in the queue to get an information about which tube you should take, after arriving, and can buy straight ahead a ticket and continue your journey to your hotel or wherever you've planned to go.

Beside a huge amount of different galleries and cultural activities you can enjoy a nice trip around and make pictures of thousands of different architectural gems like for example: Gaudi's architecture art in Barcelona.

Most of all I'd like to visit Alhambra, their architecture has something special, it truly inspired me to visit this magical place one day on a trip to Spain, it's on my list guys!:)

For all of you, who like to do more sport and adventure beside your regular sport activities, don't be afraid, that you won't find any chapter in this book about other outdoor activities - you'll find a ton of them in this book!:)


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