Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Hi guys,

it's been quite a while ago since I've used tinted lip balms. Actually I've not worn any tinted lip balms over the last year except my apricot lip balm, which had a light orange shade.

Most of the time I'm using lipsticks, I've never been a fan of lip glosses, therefore you'll hardly find any in my makeup collection, I'm more a traditional lipbalm type of woman, who prefers translucent balms with a nice scent or flavour, depends how you'd describe it:) and actually I'm also really easy to win, if the packaging looks cute.

Weleda Lip Balms* - 6.95 € / each

After recently receiving the 3 new tinted lip balms from Weleda, I've knew these look really cute, they absolutely won my heart just with the packaging. But of course I had to try them out and see how they look like, before judging or even pre-judging a really nice packed product.

Beside the very cute packaging I was really into its texture, it's not too glossy (as mentioned I don't really like lip glosses, which are sticky, greasy and leave just an unpleasant smudge on your lips) and it doesn't stick even, it feels really more like a creamy and a bit more thick lip balm. I guess, therefore it's called lip balm as it's a balm not a gloss product.

The shape of the applicator is similar or even the same like other lip balm applicators in a tube but to be honest I'm not applying it directly on my lips, as it's much easier to use a small amount on your finger or lip brush and it also makes it last longer instead run faster out of date due to hygienic reasons.

Weleda Lip Balm "Rose":

Weleda Lip Balm "Nude":

Weleda Lip Balm "Berry Red":

Each of Weleda's tinted lip balms* are available in good stored drugstores and pharmacies or online (here). 

I'm really into the shade "Rose"*, as it's a pink/rose color, which isn't too pinkish and not too grandma rose - just gives you a nice shade to your own natural lip shade.

How about you?! Have you already tried one of Weleda's lip balms*?!


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