Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Hi guys,

there are days, where my scalp gets really dry, irritated and really oily. Depends on the temperature as well as the stress, both can cause these two unpleasant hair/scalp conditions. Recently I got the Tea Tree Shampoo* by Urtekram, which I had received to test out and review here on my blog as well as on my Insta (nika_bittner).

Basically it's a natural organic shampoo with a liquid slightly yellow shade consistency and has a mild tea tree scent, as I know, some of you may not like or prefer tea tree products, due to its strong unpleasant scent.


BUT I can just recommend pure tea tree oil for any kind of imperfections (yep as well the nasty pimple on your nose or chin:)) or products, like Urtekram's Tea Tree Shampoo*, which doesn't leave your hair just fresh more than 4 days and calm down your scalp to avoid dry out during summer or winter season or to prevend your hair producing extra oil.

 Urtekram "Tea Tree Shampoo"* - 6.95€ / 250ml

The anti-bacterial combination of organic aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavander oil, vitamine E as well as glycerine makes the perfect blend for  a natural scalp moisture as well as super hydrated hair during summer! I can recommend it also to colored blonde hair (like mine) as it doesn't leaves a yellow touch, which some natural shampoos quite does, depends on the ingredients.

Have you too struggled with dry irritated scalp or that you hair gets more oily than usual?! If you're searching for a good tea tree shampoo, which isn't just a natural as well as organic product but also doesn't have the strong tea tree scent?! Than maybe this shampoo could help you too!:)


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