Friday, 23 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently quite often in our swim hall (well not exactly our own but our local, you know?!:)) and I've switched between my ton one piece swimsuits (well I've a lot bikinis as well as one pieces, you can't get enoug!) and found this one piece swimsuit*, a real gem, which I've not worn quite a lot and received a couple weeks, well years back from Diva by Rachel Pappo Swimwear, which are high-end, durable and just feel unique on your body (like you feel quite better with them, but pssssst don't say it any other person:)).

This one actually feels quite loose (even if it doesn't look on the picture:)) I guess I will wear it with shorts or during sun baths (and I don't mean actually traditional sun baths more the kind of hanging out in the garden etc. as I avoid staying to long in front of the sun:)).

I do like the shape of it as well as the high-end fabric, which Diva by Rachel Pappo Swimwear is actually using for their swimsuits. And isn't the Espadrilles pattern just cute?!


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