Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Hi guys,

today I'd like to show you my new absolute fav' of summer 2017 the Cabana Sun "Carrot Oil Original" Bronze Intensifier, which I usually don't use without another sun care product as it doesn't contain any sun protection (no SPF/LSF, no UVB protection).

Why is it my fav', if I'm a pale girl, why I'm using it?! The answer is simple: I usually use it after staying in the sun while taking a sun bath (which I usually avoid!) or swimming, which doesn't makes sense for someone of you or even for the description on the product itself but I quickly found out, that carrot oil can also help your fresh tan to last longer! Therefore it's also called "bronze intensifier" I guess:)


This carrot oil contains vitamin A and E as well as natural carrot oil and other moisturising oils like: sunflower oil.

I've found, that this product can be used after sun protection and before you get a shower and apply your after sun. I wouldn't use any fake tan, therefore I've been searching for a good product with carrot seed oil, which would help me to get a longlasting own tan, if I ever get a tan:) It's similar to the Calypso Carrot Oil / tanning oil, but it doesn't have a sun protection like Calypso's (available in SPF 0, 2, 6 and 15).


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