Sunday, 25 June 2017


Hi guys,

Smoothies have been mainly on my snack list the last 2 weeks and I've quite tried a lot of different versions during the last days. This watermelon & mint smoothie is actually really in season and simple to create. I basically came to the idea after receiving a bunch of fresh mint stems from my sister's garden and as I love fresh brewed mint tea as well as the true natural mint flavour I though to simply give it a try and felt in love with the hydrating sweet melon taste!

What you'll need for this smoothie:

1-2 cups of fresh watermelon (cut in small cubes)
1-2 fresh stems of mint (use just the leaves)
1/2 cup of cooled fresh brewed mint tea (made of fresh mint leaves)
1 blender of your choice (I've used as usually my beloved Breville Blend Active personal blender)

This is a smoothie, which is super hydrating but not filling! I would recommend it during your meals just while having a small salad or other kind of snack as a healthier version of juicing.

Let me know, whether you like this watermelon & mint combination or whether you've tried it with another herb - maybe lavender?!


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