Thursday, 8 June 2017


Hi guys,

a few weeks ago I tried 3 Pauly's teff flour * for pancakes, which is a healthier and glutenfree option for all of you who are glutenfree intolerant or just wanna to skip regular flour from time to time (like me:)).

What you'll need:

 50 g / 1 cup teff flour
50 g Maizena / corn starch
150 ml milk of your choice ( I prefer goat milk or for vegan option: almond milk)
1 egg (I've used free ranch egg)
a dash of salt (I prefer sea salt)
a bit of butter or oil of your choice for the pan (I used rapeseed oil)

I've used this recipe here - if you make them small and thicker, you create the classic kind of pancake shape otherwise they'll turn out like crepes:)

3 Pauly teff flour* - 6.49 € / 800g (which came in 2 sachets!:)) order online here

As we use during fall and winter holidays a lot cranberry spread, which usually lasts until spring I used the last portion of last winters cranberry spread on my teff flour pancakes. I quite love the combination and it's quite Swedish - what you guys think?!:)

It is a good and healthier option to regular pancakes, but I wouldn't eat just this option, as it is slightly more sweet (teff flour* tends to be sweeter than regular one!) well sometimes too sweet for adding a spread, therefore the cranberry spread is perfect, as it's naturally more sour:)!


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