Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've been wearing today one of my pieces I call them "Vintage treasures", as this dress from H&M is from the year 2013 or even 2012?! Back than I loved it to wear, it was a gift from my brother, while we were making a shopping day:) and few years later I'm wearing it again, as crochet hasn't went out of date since last year (well I know, stripes and flower patterns are more up to date but I prefer stripes without patterns still!:)). 

If you now think, that it looks like from their children collection - you're not wrong hahahaha it is!:) I'm wearing their kids size: 165 or 170 or what it has been:) - well that's why it's quite short, I've to wear it, if I go to restaurants/cafes or another place, where I directly have to sit down and avoid to wear it while grocery shoppings (you know why:)).

I just think, that the crochet pattern is gorgeous, and if I'd be darker, it would even more shine, I've helped out with staying in the shadow instead of in the sun, to avoid getting almost the same light like the dress (haha it's true!:)).

It's a gorgeous piece, which I already wanted to give out of my hands 2 years ago, but for some reasons (thanks Mum:)) it has stayed in my wardrobe and now I'm happy to have it still. 

Well I'm not the person, who buys each season a completely new wardrobe:) I do have some pieces, which I got ages ago but I love to wear them in combination with new or at least newer pieces, as this sandals are also from 2014!:)

How 'bout you?! Are you feeling special wearing sometimes vintage pieces from shops like Zara, Mango, H&M or Hollister?!


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