Friday, 16 June 2017


Hi guys,

what's up?! The sun is bright, hot and harsh to our beloved face and therefore we need to give our facial skin an extra sun protection beside regular sun milks and lotions. The Olay or Olaz, depends where you're living, as in the states they call the brand Olay and in Europe you'll find some countries who named it Olaz - it's the same brand! Never mind back to that Olay/Olaz has created a facial moisturizer called "Complete Cream All Day Moisturizer with SPF 15", which are available for normal (US version), dry as well as sensitive skin. 

I've choosen the sensitive skin one, as I tend to get red spots all over my face (nose area, cheeks etc.) and to avoid these nasty red parts I wanted to went save right from the beginning.

First of all, I love that this moisturizer is fast absorbing and doesn't leave any grease, as it's quite "liquidish" instead a rich fat cream. It contains vitamin B3, E and pro-vitamin B5, which are all good for our skin as well as body, their SolaSheer UV-protection protects while the vitamins care our facial skin. It should give 24h hydration and they promise, that your facial skin will look healthier and beautiful after just 5 days.

But I don't see any difference:/ Well honestly I've not a lot irritations, pimples (except some on my chin, while trying out new products or having my period) but I've used it now for more than a month and I've came to the decision, that it's quite good, but nothing special. It does protects your facial skin, at least it did mine but my facial skin doesn't felt more hydrated or better than before. Therefore all I can say about this product is, that it's a simple moisturizer, which doesn't makes your skin look more healthier than before, I assume, that as I already live quite a healthy lifestyle, that my skin has reached already a quite healthiness and therefore I can't tell any difference but it gives my skin an extra sun protection. 

If you're searching for a simple facial cream than go for this one, but if you search for more hydration and for a treatment, which should pamper and benefit your skin more I'd honestly not recommend it. It's available for 6.99 € or $ 7.24, which is a damn good drugstore price and very pocket friendly for everyone, who needs to save up money or students but I bet there are other facial moisturizers in the same price range, who will hydrate your facial skin more than the "Complete Cream All Day Moisturizer with SPF15" for sensitive skin. I'm quite sad, as I do love quite these Olay/Olaz products: Beauty Fluid or the Double Action Day moisturizer for sensitive skin types and therefore I've assumed, that the "Complete Cream All Day Moisturizer with SPF15" for sensitive skin would be my next fav':/.

Did you've already tried this moisturizer out?! What's your experience?! Is the other type of this moisturizer for normal skin types better?! Let me know in the comments, what you think about this product.


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