Friday, 16 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've recently got (or better said won:)) a package of 3 L'Oreal "Pure Clay" facial masks, which I've used for "Multi-Masking":

Basically I've used all 3 "Pure Clay" facial masks: "Glow" (red), "Purify" (green) and "Detox" (black), which I applied on different parts of my face (as you can see). 


L'Oreal "Glow" pure clay mask has been applied on my nose, to remove any old skin parts as well as to prevend getting any imperfections (pimples, blackheads etc.). The Red Algae illuminates your skin, while giving it a gentle exfoliation.


The "Purity" pure clay mask has been applied on my chin and under my cheeks, where I tend to get pimples and redness. It contains Eucalyptus, which helps to purify and mattify oily or shiny skin as well as it leaves a cooling effect, which helps to calm down your facial skin.


Last but not least the "Detox" pure clay mask has been applied under my cheeks, forehead as well near chin and cheek, where I don't get usually pimples but where my skin needs a bit more detox to avoid aging - especially on my forehead. The charcoal clarifies normal to congested skin and helps to avoid any impurities.

I just can recommend all "Pure Clay" facial masks by L'Oreal to normal, oily as well as sensitive skin types! Another big plus is, that they come in glass jars and last for approx. 10 applications!

Did you've already tried one of these facial masks out?! What are you thinking of "Multi-Masking"?

(L'Oreal "Pure Clay" mask have been sent to me as a gift/win)

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