Thursday, 8 June 2017


Hi guys,

as you know I've been recently in France but haven't visited Paris, honestly I've not once visited Paris in my life, but I will don't worry, I wanna see all cities and places on earth:) Well I recently received a cute book*, which isn't too thick or too thin from the Lonely Planet Kids City Trails collection and if you haven't read the title you may not know but it's "Paris" (how could you know?!:) hehe).

This books is quite fun to read, colorful and perfect for kids from the age of 8 up to 12. As you might know I'm an aunt of a cute 5 year old nephew, who is sometimes a real monster but most of the time an angel, he quite like it to browse through the book, see all the pictures as well as real taken photos from different places in Paris but he can't read yet (but he will soon!) therefore I've read him some of the most interesting topics like about the best ice cream (he loves ice cream sooo much:)) or about the closed and abandoned underground, which will soon be used for a new club or swimming hall etc.

The whole "Paris" city trail book* is filled with the classic well known short stories and informations about the Eiffel tower or about the French history but as well it contains some interesting facts, which I've not known as an adult and history or world gypsy yet!:)

Lonely Planet Kids - "Paris" City Trails book *- 13.99 € (AT), 12.99 € (GER)

It's a great book for all smart and world open kids, who wanna know all about the romantic as well as dirty, highly cultural and historical city of Paris.

Did you've or your nephews/nieces/small siblings or own kids read already one of Lonely Planet Kids "City Trails" books?! 


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