Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've been always quite a traveller, not just, that I've spend already almost 2-3 years abroad but also while all my free days or free weeks at work or school I've been travelling around, sometimes just nationally and sometimes in other countries around Europe or even the USA. And mostly I've paid it by myself, which I'm very proud of myself in this way (there are few other ways I'm not so proud 'bout myself, like for example my maths results at school but "C'est la vie").

Well recently I got a brandnew handmade Kamarg backpack* from Franz, the re-founder of the well known classic Kamarg backpacks*, which were originally founded in Graz (Austria) back in the 1949s and become the bestseller during the 1950s and 1960s in Austria. They were made for Austrian adventures, which needed (like today as well:)) high-end backpacks, made of durable materials. 

The substainable, water repellent Kamarg backpacks* are available in 3 shades: blue, red and beige. Its capacity is in total 12.2 litres! As well as it has a quite comfy size with a width of 30 cm, height of 34 cm, depth of 12 cm and its weight without any stuff in it is 480g. Last but not least it fits 2 Din A4 ring folders or a 15'' Notebook - a great backpack for school too! Or like I've tested it out if you try to fit in a medium size towel, a book, sunscreen, sun glasses, small water bottle, handcream, phone, tablet and socks - all stuff fits perfectly in this backpack*!:)

The stripes, holder as well as as other details on the packpack are made from real leather otherwise they've used natural cotton/linen as well as durable and water repellent materials.

The re-founder, Franz, has found his dad's old Kamarg and though to re-produce this classic, and most important very durable, backpack. As todays modern backpacks sometimes just last for 2 seasons until a part of it gets broken etc. therefore he though to give these classic backpacks a chance and bring them back on the Austrian market already during Summer 2017! - Yeah you're right, you can get one of these high end durable and classic "retro" backpacks already this season!

They just have launched on the 6th of June their project site on, where you would be able to pre-order one of their backpacks. More informations you'll find on their own Kamarg website. Or visit their kickstarter project site here.

All in all I am just really overwhelmed by this gorgeous blue backpack, which will now follow each step of mine during escaping unknown as well as very well known places on earth!:)


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