Friday, 23 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've been recently wearing a lot different pastel summer shades but as you may know I'm usually wearing red or glitter/metallic gold/rosegold nail polishes, therefore this Precious - Shine Like You've Never Shined Before "Gold Vermeil" kit* from Jessica Phenom totally hit my nerves!:)

Basically this kit* contains all 3 products, which you will need to create the glossy and shiny homemade professional manicure, which lasts approx. 10 days. Of course you could switch between 42 different Jessica Phenom shades, but this "Gold Vermeil" is totally my shade! I love it, it's not too much but still special, reminds me on good old Hippie Days in the 70s (were I wasn't even born, but I guess it must have been like this polish:)).

The packaging itself is very clean and the back reminds me on Swan Lake, which reminds me totally December - could be even a perfect gift during next festive days!

Jessica Phenom - Precious Shine Like You've Never Shined Before "Gold Vermeil" Kit* 29.90 € (here)

All in all this kit* has won my heart. I'm not sure, whether it's really THE Shine, which I've never had before (as there are some polishes in my collection, which shines as well quite damn well) but this is just great as a starter Jessica Phenom starter kit, as it contains basically all 3 products (which I've already mentioned or, whoops:)).

Did you've tried out this kit or even another Jessica Phenom nail polish yet?!


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