Saturday, 17 June 2017


Hi guys,

don't know whether you already know (for sure:)), that my fav' nail polish shades are: red or glitter/metallic golden and rosegold, but recently I've been more open and tried some vibrant shades out. Like this one called "Copacabana Beach"*, which is a nice pastel creme blue shade - perfect while wearing a denim outfit with a white tee or just plain white crochet outfits. 

Jessica Nails has introduced a new line called Jessica Phenom*, which provides your nails a gel-like shine finish look and due to its fast-drying formula a perfect and easy way to create a long lasting manicure at your own home! In fact your nails will look shiny and made for approx. 10 days!

Jessica Phenom Vivid Colour "Copacabana Beach"*  - 15.90€ (here)

If you simply follow these 3 Steps:

1. Step - apply Jessica's "Basecoat"
2. Step - choose your fav' Jessica Phenom Shade
3. Step - apply Jessica Phenom "Final Shine"

your quick, simple and fast-drying manicure will look super glossy and professional without using any UV or LED lamp!

The Jessica Phenom nail polishes* are currently available in 42 shades. They cost approx. 15.90 € or $ 11.00.

Have you already tried out one of Jessica's Phenom Vivid Colour long lasting and high-end looking nail polishes?


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  1. That color is so cool ! Perfect for summer by the poolside :D