Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hi guys,

as you may know, I'm drinking most of the time tea. Beside regular black tea, I switch between spice, fruity or herbal blends - depends on the season, temperature as well as my own mood.

Clipper-Tee High Tea "Carefree" herbal tea* - 16.00€ / 110g

The Clippers Tea from the High Tea range called "Carefree"* is filled with a herbal blend of:

The loose "Carefree"* herbal tea blend is packed within a paper tin, which shows as well the instruction, how much you'll need to enjoy a nice cup of "Carefree"* tea with the right amount of teaspoons:

This herbal tea really calms down after a stressful day or even helps to fall asleep, while having still a heavy head. I also enjoy it cold with a slice of orange (basically like herbal iced tea) during hot days.

Clipper Tee high-end "Carefree" herbal tea* is a great healthy beverage, which tastes just delicious  like its golden shade.


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