Sunday, 25 June 2017


Hi guys,

today I'm maybe showing you already a product, which I've used in the past as well as mentioned already a while ago here on my blog. It's the "Skin Food" cream by Weleda, which comes in a very clever tube, as it's not made of plastic (just the opening cup) and simply a very rich and natural multi-purpose cream.

Now let me tell you, that I've been using it in the past mostly on my dry and flacky hands as well as on my face during winter time, which caused me quite a few breakouts, therefore I stopped using it on my face quite a while ago and just used it on my hands. After I run out of it, I had simply to many other creams, that I completely forgot to re-buy it (for about 2 years!!!!).

Recently I fully used up one of my fav' eye moisturizers, which made my dark eye circles and puffed eyes look gorgeous after a proper night nap. But unfortunately as I'm not living in Prague anymore, and here in Austria, we don't have it I was searching for a good eye cream and haven't been lucky to found one, which would be filled with natural ingredients, be in the middle-class price range, etc. etc. 

Therefore I browsed all over the shelves in our local drugstore and found a good old friend - the "Skin Food" cream by Weleda, which showed me clear, that I found the right product, to moisturize, nourish and pamper my eye lids and dark circles while dreaming at night, and don't forget to mention the nice herbal scent, which really calms me down!

I've re-purchased this classic product and use it now just as an eye care, if you'd use it just for your eyes it lasts quite a long time and that's quite great for the price!:) But I wouldn't recommend it to all of you, who tends to get really oily and acne-prone skin, as it's really an oily cream and thicker than liquid kind of moisturizers:

That's the reason, why I'm using it just during my night care routine, as it would be to greasy for wearing it under your makeup (unless you've very dry facial skin, than just go for it and use it during your morning care routine as well - will gives you the needed moisture and care!). I mean it absorbs really fast but still it leaves at least my normal skin really shiny (not just on my arm, which tends to be more dry than my eye area).

All in all it's my little beauty secret to use Weleda "Skin Food" cream for my eyes, to keep them moisturized and avoid any wrinkles or dark circles!:)


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