Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hi guys,

I've not posted recently enough food or recipes on my blog, therefore here comes another delicious and quick recipe with 3 Pauly glutenfree black bean Fusilli pasta* (yep made out of black beans!), which I cooked and served with canned corn (you can use fresh corn too if you want or have), beetroot and some good Parmigiano cheese on the top:

What you'll need to create this non-typical pasta dish:

On the pic' above you see a grilled paprika pesto, which I've not used finally for the dish but it's unfortunately on the picture (sorry!!!!)

1 small can of corn / 1 fresh corn
1-2 tsp. Parmigiano cheese
1-2 tsp. oil of your choice (I usually use rapeseed oil or olive oil)
and water to cook your pasta (like recommended on the packaging)
1 or 2 nice plates, to serve your dish

It's really easy and fast to prepare and try out another kind of pasta dish, which you won't find usually in restaurants (well or maybe:)) and I've really been surprised, that the black bean pasta tastes the same or very similar as well as the consistency isn't different to wheat pasta.

I'd recommend the 3 Pauly glutenfree bean and lenses pasta range to all of you who have glutenfree intolerance or who loves pasta in any shape and wheat type (like me:)) and want to try new types of pasta.


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