Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hi everyone,

flacky, dry and itchy skin on my hands, turning red, burn and itch again - that was in fact part of my life a while ago, almost 1 and half years - as I had a kind of eczema between my fingers. I got a special treatment / cream from my dermatologist and luckily get almost rid of it. Due to, that it's not caused from food or other allergies but simply by stress or your own sweat, you can't really avoid to return light from time to time.


Therefore I often change my hand care routine and try out different hand creams, as I've at the moment a quite good skin condition I've been really interested to try out the organic coconut hand cream* from Urtekram, which I got recently in a package.

The base is made from virgin coconut oil (organic), hyaluronic acid and hexapeptides, which helps to strengthen your nails as well as normal skin. 


All in all I would give this hand cream 8 points from 10, as it's fast absorbing but hasn't got the "watery" consistency when you apply it on your hands, it takes time to absorb, therefore more a treatment for evenings or after work (you won't a greasy keyboard or:)?!) and I absolutely love the scent of fresh coconuts, not that synthetic sh.... you sometimes get in a cosmetic product - this one actually smells really coco-deliciously!:)

Did you've ever tried the coconut hand cream organic* or another Urtekram hand cream?!


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