Friday, 26 May 2017


Hi everyone,

few years ago I reviewed a ton of sunscreen, sunblock and after sun products. During the past few years I've been trying out more sun care products, as I'm pale as snow (not in the moment after few lovely days in Aix En Provence, but usually yes:)) and I need usually extra protection, to avoid transforming myself into a red crusty crab.

Therefore I though to start another serie of different sun care product reviews under "Sun & Tan", well whether I'll get a nice bronze tan or not is still in the clouds but at least these products are interesting or have catched me a lot, therefore I want to share it with you, my beloved readers:)

Well this product from Lavozon (which you'll get in each Müller drugstore in Germany, Austria, Spain etc. - just check out their website to select the store in your country) is primarily made for children and toodlers, but I'd recommend it to you guys, if you tend to get sensitive skin (especially on your face) while wearing sun care products.

I really do tend to get red spots on my face (nose and cheek or neck area) as well as on my upper arms. This stick is therefore perfect, not only the tasty fresh apricot/peach scent reminds me on a specific jam I ate as a kid' but don't worry, I won't eat it!:) as well as it doesn't tend to get greasy after re-applying or wearing almost a day. 


50+ sounds for very light and pale skin types still not enough and I guess some of you also tried to find a SPF/LSF 100 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK and and and but a very wise lady behind the counter in a local pharmacy store has described me the difference between 50+ and 100 and you know what?! It's almost the same! It doesn't count to have a sunscreen with SPF 100 what's more important to have both protection for UVA and UVB!

Lavozon Sun Protection Stick for Kids with SPF 50+ - 2.95€ (Müller Online Shop)

Plus this one was a bargain, as you'd pay usually for sun screen sticks between 15 € and 30 € this one won't hurt even a student pocket as it's available for just 2.95€!:)


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