Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Hi everyone,

who wouldn't like to get the perfect vintage red lips, which we all know well from old classic hollywood movies, but suddently we found out, that most of the time they are darker or too shiny or too vibrant, which we can't wear at school or at work much often or feel too uncomfortable to show up our beautiful lips so bold each time....

....I have quite often the feeling, that good old juicy red bold lips aren't the right choice for each life situations, therefore I've been searching for the right shade and suddenly I ended up again with a further lipstick from Max Factor's Lipfinity range* as they last a pretty damn long time on your lips, no matter whether you drink some sparkling water/wine or coke or whether you eat an ice cream - they last even if you give someone a kiss!

To finish up the whole makeup, to make it flawless and classic chic - I've used my longterm fav' foundation, which has now been re-named and re-packed - it's the touch-proof "Lasting Performance" foundation*, which reminds me strong on the "Soft Resistant Make Up".

What you think? Would that be a makeup, which you'd wear for work or your date?


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