Sunday, 30 April 2017


Hi everyone,

recently I baked a very yummy carrot (cheese-)cake with cream cheese frosting from the "I Love Cheesecake"* book, which I got for trying and testing out recipes, few weeks ago.

I need to say, that this cake is super simple, healthier than chocolate cakes:) but you won't stay by just a slice as it's too tasty to eat just one portion!

 Carrot Cheesecake Recipe from the "I Love Cheesecake" book* - 16.95€

The recipe is very well written, so you can trust the amount of each ingredient and the result! Trust me, I've tried out a few recipes (online and from books), which weren't well written and the results doesn't turn out well even after I've tried them out twice. I baked this cake and tried the recipe for the first time and the result turned quite well I'd say. Well I've left the cream cheese frosting plain and didn't decorated it with chopped almonds or other nuts but it doesn't have to have the decoration each time or?!:) 

All in all I can just recommend this recipe to all of you as well as this gorgeous "I Love Cheesecake" book*, and if you're a cheesecake lover like me you definitely need this one in your baking book shelf!


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