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this time I'm really excited about reviewing a product from one of my fav' US wooden accessoire brands as well as a young company from Elkhart/Indiana founded 2011 called Carved*. I already reviewed one of their individual hand-made wooden iphone 5s cases back in 2014 (see the post here). As time goes by, the guys at Carved expanded their product range and added some new items like:

The wireless Acoustic Acorn Wood Bluetooth Speaker* I received to test out and review here on my blog as well as on Instagram (nika_bittner) came in the light bamboo* wood version, which is also available in a darker wood shade - walnut*.

The Acoustic Acorn Wood Bluetooth Speaker* comes within a modern transparent plastic cube packaging, which allows to "represent" the speaker 100% (hanging/placed on shelves at the store) and it gives the whole package the kinda high-end feeling. 

The speaker* is made from real bamboo wood! That means, that each of Carved Acoustic Acorn Wood Bluetooth Speaker* is an unique product, as each wood piece has a different pattern. Very clear and clean (non-crispy) sound and beat comes out the front of the speaker, while connecting it via bluetooth 3.0 with your iphone/phone, laptop etc.. The packaging itself contains also a charge cable, as you'll need to re-fill the battery of the speaker after approx. 7 hours wireless playtime.

It's really simple to handle, as there's just one button to use (to connect it with another bluetooth device like your phone and to end up the usage). 

The finishing, which is as well hand-made, is non-toxic and protects your speaker to look great even after years. I've been also satisfied with my old iphone case, which looks after almost 3 years a bit worn off (some of the translucent wood finish has fade away) but it's clear, if you've a wooden phone case, which you have worn not just in the pocket of your fav' denim jeans but also loose in your backpack or elsewhere. I guess the speaker will look even after years new like now, as I won't wear or pack it with me everywhere, like my Iphone case:)

 The Warranty lasts for 1 year from the day you've purchased your product. Carved also offers each of their customer, who buy one of their products to replace or refund at no charge, if the product itself shows to be defective due to improper workmanship or material, under normal installation and use.

My own personal opinion about the Acoustic Acorn Wood Bluetooth Speaker* so far:

I really like the modern design, it's unique, I've really not seen any speaker in this size with the same sound quality: hand-made and with a sound like if you'd use a high-end big speaker! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of the sound! The price itself is also a bargain, when it comes to compare other speakers in the same price range, you often won't find such a quality of sound and product itself or it would take ages to find a hand-made wooden speaker, and it would be probably much more expensive!

This speaker works totally fine for listening to radio stations, youtube videos (even if the sound quality may change due to the quality of some videos there!) or your fav' songs via phone, tablet or laptop. It isn't the biggest speaker, therefore if you'd like to plan a party you'd need at least 2 of these to create a proper beat, but otherwise one speaker for private use is enough! - as you can adjust the volume by the device, which is connected to the speaker. That's maybe the only disadvantage, that you can't adjust it directly on the speaker but you'll need to go to the connected device.

Did you've made already experience with one of Carved Acoustic Acorn Wood Bluetooth Speakers* yet?


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