Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hi everyone,

I've been quite busy the last days, therefore I haven't had time to post about 2 lip balms from Bebe*, which I received quite a while ago:

The 3in1 Repair Balm* is my fav' from both lip balms, as the honey scent and creamy texture is just perfect for dry and flacky lips! I don't really like the scent of the Smoothie lip balm*, as it smells like the usual multi-vitamin juices - well some of you will love it (for that I'm sure:)) but I'm more into 1-2 scented lip balms not really into multi scented balms.

Both of them are the same shade, which means both are pure white. Don't expect an orange or a pale yellow balm (which would match the packaging, but I guess it wouldn't be really healthy to use color pigments).

All in all I really love the 3in1 Repair Balm*:) really I will re-buy it, asap I'll fully used it up!


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