Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hi everyone,

if you have dry, itchy skin, which tends to get red after showering or after beeing too long in the sun. Avocado.B12 shower gel* is the perfect treatment for that and in combination with the Avocado.B12 creme it gives your skin the needed moisture and protection, to avoid further skin irritations!

The shower gel* itself doesn't have a scent it's more a neutral scent I'd said. The gel is foaming while you're taking a shower but if you prefer taking a bath (like me the bath queen:)) I'd not recommend it as a bubble bath as it's not that typical foaming shower gel, which you could use for a bath too.

It has the same main ingredients like the Avocado.B12 Creme - therefore it has the same care and could be used while traveling or just in combination with the creme itself.

All in all I'd say, that this shower gel isn't my favorite but it's not because it wouldn't help, as it really treats my skin gently and leaves it hydrated but due to, that I prefer perfumed/scented shower gels and this one isn't.

Let me know, what or whether you've already tried some products from Avocado.B12?


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  1. wow ich habe die ganze Zeit schon nach einem Avocado Shampoo geschazt, danke sehr:>
    ich reise gerade um die Welt und bin gerade in Neuseeland, schaue doch mal vorbei, küsse laura<3