Friday, 17 March 2017


Hi everyone,

today has been for most of you green, due to St. Patrick's Day. Therefore I though, that maybe you'd like to try out this very simple and delicious recipe, which contains just a few ingredients.

If you follow my blog and me on Instagram and Twitter already for a while, you may know, that I'm not the best cook. I do love to bake, while I'm stressed out or need some inspiration BUT I'm not really into cooking. Therefore, as I love pasta in every shape, I try to create different variations. Instead just serving myself all the time spaghetti with tomato sauce, which isn't the worst thing to eat, but it can get boring.

This pasta dish is very simply, doesn't need as mentioned above a lot just:

1-2 portions uncooked Spaghetti (of your fav' brand and of course you've to cook them:))
1 fresh and ripe avocado 
1 can/tin of peeled shrimps
1 glass of red wine (maybe you've already a bottle opened or you just buy a 0.2l bottle for cooking)

Cook the spaghetti with the red wine (that leaves the wine aroma without alcohol), add the shrimps and mashed avocado while serving.

I'd say it doesn't looks just amazing (whoops sorry for the avocado all around my plate:)) it even tastes better. 


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  1. this looks sooo yummy!