Sunday, 5 March 2017


Hi everyone,

I've been browsing through my old photos, which I took during my journey in NYC. I'm from the 1st day I visited this beautiful, huge and multi-cultural city in love with Big Apple and the suburbs: Brooklyn, Queens and the part where my fav' theme park Coney Island is located. I felt from the first day on as I really get and fit into this city, it's super creative and impulsive (in a good way:)) and it's the place, where you get the best cheesecake on earth (don't believe me?! Try one at Junior's and you won't disbelieve me anymore!). 

Well it's already some years ago, when I last visited this beautiful corner of the USA. I love it, I've not been somewhere else in the states yet, maybe I'd find another place there as much as NYC great, but let me tell 'ya, that I felt nowhere else much alike like in good ol' New York City.


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