Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hi everyone,

there are unicorns no matter where you look, therefore I alsways dreamed to create a sweatshirt (as you style yourself with an own painted sweatshirt in the comfiest way you could imagine during weekends:)).

First of all you need a plain white or creme sweatshirt and tons of different Marabu Fashion Sprays* as well as Fashion Liners*, to create the small patterns and details of your own fashion piece:

Marabu Fashion Sprays*

Especially I though about a pastel "Barbie-Style" sweatshirt, which I pimped up with some glitter hearts and other patterns in the front, as you don't need too much glitter, especially not on the back of your sweatshirt! (these days are totally over, where you had glitter on each part of your body!). It reminds me on cotton candy too and therefore it's a perfect unicorn style, if I'm not wrong:)

They also offer you different packages like "Tropical Island" or "Caribbean Dreams", which contain 3 Fashion Sprays* and one Fashion-Liner* for free! Also the colors match perfectly together, so you don't need necessary further different colours to create a great DIY fashion piece!:)

So what do you think?! I've already posted on my Instagram account (few weeks ago:)) a picture of my unicorn inspired sweatshirt, while I was painting it.

I really enjoy trying out different colours to create especially vintage inspired clothes as well as tote bags/shopping bags.


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