Friday, 17 March 2017


Hi guys,

this week has been quite stressful, but luckily the weather has been quite lovely and more sunny, than the weeks before. Therefore I tried to hydrate myself with more fresh pressed juices, which are detoxifying and helps to cleanse your face.

While you start a detox week you should always take care of choosing a good water. Of course some of you have high quality tap water, but some of you have to buy water. Some of you prefer mild sparkling, high sparkling or just pure water. It doesn't have to be an artisan water but it has to be a good quality high in minerals like Magnesia*, which comes from Carlsbad - it's the spa town in the Czech Republic and not quite far away from the capital Prague.

Ingredients for the refreshing Cucumber Lemonade:

1 fresh cucumber (peeled BUT blend the peel together with the peeled cucumbers!)
1 fresh lemon (squeeze the lemon and add the fresh squeezed juice into the blender)
1-3 soup spoons white sugar/brown sugar or other sweetner options you prefer
2-3 cups of Magnesia mild sparkling/sparkling water*

I'm drinking Magnesia water since my childhood, and mostly I've drank the pure or mild sparkling one, as I don't really like too much "bubbles" but honestly you could use both the mild and the high sparkling water for the Cucumber Lemonade - it just depends on your own taste.

I would say, it does have an aftertaste or it has a special taste. Due to the high amount of Magnesium and low in Sodium it can help  to regulate your body temperature, detoxification or it could help you to grow your energy production, while doing some gym.

This lemonade isn't just refreshing but full of magnesium and other minerals, which helps to create the powerful detox and a delicious spring drink.


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