Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hi everyone,

today I'd like to show you a single eyeshadow from Douglas called "Under Cover"*, which is a great brown/bronzy shade, great for smokey-eye makeup but it could be used as well as a bronzer highlighter for darker skin types. To use it as a highlighter, you simply have to blend it well with your bronzer and apply it on your cheeks as well as your forehead.

Douglas Eyeshadow Mono "Under Cover"* - 9.99€

It's a very unique shade, as it isn't completely a brown or bronze shade - the natural light reflects different colors in the eyeshadow and so it looks sometimes more golden, rosegold or bronzy.

I'll use it seperately with just a tiny portion of one of my bronzy creme eyeshadows or after applying an eye primer without any other shades.

The simple modern packaging fits well into a well-sorted makeup drawer or makeup bag as well as it looks pretty. I'd say the price is worth to pay for such an eyeshadow with good blending and long-stay as well as for a color, which suits almost each eye color.


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