Saturday, 11 March 2017


Hi everyone,

you maybe already know, that I've sensitive skin, which usually gets irritations after taking a shower or a relaxing bath. Simply said, I need extra care on my hands, knees and feet to avoid extra dry, irritated and red skin - especially on my hands.

Recently I got a very pink skin creme, which contains Avocado Oil and Vitamine B12, which helps to calm down irritations, exczemes and continues to create a healthy skin condition.

Avocado.B12 pink creme* contains as well evening-primrose oil and urea, which moisturize your skin and avoids to irritate it further, than usually some harsh chemical cremes would do. The application is simple, you just need to apply it thin, while you gentle massage it into your skin. This creme can me used once, twice or more times, depends how dry and irritated your skin tends to be.


I really like the packaging, it's clear and the pink creme is well protected under an extra plastic lid.

I would recommend this creme to all who have very dry damaged skin on their hands or feet as well as on other body parts, if you also have Eczema (psoriasis, dyshidrosis or neurodermitis) or if you simply get red skin irritations after using other cosmetics. I've also gave a small portion to my sister as she has usually very dry skin as she got neurodermitis and she was positive surprised even if the light texture could be more thicker for her, due to, that she is used to use thicker handcremes. My hands aren't too dry but I tend to have slightly dyshidrosis between my fingers, which helped me while I was using this creme to avoid a further break out as well as I really like the more liquid gel kinda texture instead of thick and oily creme textures - so that depends just what kind of texture you prefer.

Avocado Oil in combination with B12 vitamine is great for a long-term psoriasis care, which is usually well-tolerated (except you have an allergy on avocados, vitamine B12 or citric acid).

Avocado.B12 also created an Avocado.B12 shower gel* - which I will review the next time:)

Did you have ever tried the Avocado.B12 creme yet?! It is really gentle to your skin. Well the pink shade reminds me more on a cake frosting or pudding but the creme itself really moisturize and calm down my skin. It is so soft now, after I used it a few times, as even this creme isn't a magic treatment to see result after using once,  to see a significant skin result you have to use it more times.

You can get the Avocado.B12 creme* in two sizes, as a 50ml tube (great for trying out, as a travel size and perfect for your handbag) or as a 200ml plastic tin.


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