Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hi everyone,

well Winter doesn't quit yet BUT let's hope, it gets better the next few days or weeks:) This rose water vital spray & tonic, which I've started to use for my daily facial care routine in January helps me to avoid unnecessary break-outs and leaves my skin moisturized:

 Apeiron Natural Care - Rose Water Vital Spray & Tonic - 8.95€

The rose water vital spray & tonic is great for your face as well decollete. Well if you'd like to know how much and how I use it - usually I spray 2-3 times (sometimes 3-4 times) in rotated movement all over my face and after that I gently massage it into my facial skin. Especially I massage under my eyes, by the chin area I usually blend it down to the decollete with a smooth movement - if you know what I mean:)

It's so hydrating and calming, that I sometimes leave the moisturizer after I used it.


Aqua, Rosa damascena extract, Geraniol*, Citronellol*. * from natural essential oils  

It will last you for about 2-2.5 months, if you're using the 100ml spray like me during your morning and night routine. 

The rose extract helps to refresh, calm and to clear your facial skin, it avoids imperfections (like the small nasty pimples we all know:)). Also I found, that my facial skin looks more bright even without makeup, after I've been using it for a month - in fact it tones my face.

Due to its calming effect, it's perfect to use during hot summer days, where your skin tends to get irritated and as well as the lovely fresh rose scent will give you the extra pamper feeling. Plus it's alcohol-free, which means "whohooo" for all sensitive skin types (including me:)) no more red irritations!

So I've not much more to say about this facial/decollete tonic rose spray from Apeiron, which I got as a gift, a very good christmas gift - thanks again sis':)


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